Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sensitive topic called religion(islam)

Just now,I read some of the comments on the forum in one bloggers site,that most of them shared whats inside their mind about their religion.some of them were judging things only from what they knew especially about Islam,although it was a super tiny knowledge.Some of them made such a harsh joke and accusing or blaming for wars that had happened to be in muslims side to take the whole burden of responsibility.

And its been a while actually,I was thinking that most of the hollywood movies about terrorism, hijacking, whatever, if it wasn't russian as the main villain it would be a muslim name.if we can recall for a moment about the destruction of the twin tower in America on 11 september, said it was caused by osama,and he's a muslim.but take a look at what happen in Gaza,where more than 3000 lives wasted on the arrogancy power, there was only silence.I've learned this religion all my life. I've been raised in this and keep it until now,and as far as I concern,Islam keeps spreading all over the world although some of the people despise/hate it very much.

Why in Islam is forbidden to drink alcohol, drugs, free sex, etc, with all do respect,  it has a very worthy meaning for our sake. If the people who think that they know-it-all,would spare some of their precious time to learn first and then judge ,I think they wouldn't so easily babbling nonsense words,instead maybe they would understand a bit for the 'why' questions in their minds.

There are many kinds of Islam in this whole world,but sometimes they put it only in one box called 'the war intriguer'.Unfortunately they'd never paid attention to themselves,and see that in their religion shares many differences too,and im sure that each of them won't be tolerate any judgement from the other.I learn islam the whole package, the peaceful, the caring, the understanding and more to devoted ourselves purely to God. Not the type of making wars, hatred, raising conflicts with other religions.It won't be enough to explain what is really inside this religion.some people may not believe in miracle,but I do.All thanks to God by giving me guidance of Islam.After all, Islam means surrender, mostly to our Creator.Alhamdulillah


Ibne Hanif said...

Assalamu alaikum,
Thank you so much for writing on this topic, I agree that media is working hard to spread haterism against Islam. But I think they would not succeed and Islam will always remain, and that too as the fastest growing religion of the world, inshaallah.
I appreciate ur post very much.
Thanks once more for ur kind words for Islam.

ariel said...

Ass, nice and best article to knowing how muslim right, insya allah.

1stHourBrowsing said...

no such things as haterism...
there's just hate.
just speaks arab if can't accept that. don't mess with english structure as if your mother created it

noodlemie said...

oh well,maybe english is not his mother language,it didn't hurt u right?if u just deal with it.everyone has the right to leave comment but not making fuss here.