Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the day before the election

today,strangely quiet somehow,i wonder why.is it because tomorrow?the preparation 
for the presidential election.well,i dont care.for me it seem not gonna make so much 
different anyhow.i'll do the obligation as a good citizen,but it doesn't mean i like 
the available options.

actually i hate the politics,for me its just a twisted words from liars.coz in the end most of them had never really kept their sweet promises.maybe they're all said the words under certain circumtances only,to get their way for their hidden purposes,i dont know.

as for the candidates,im not a big fan of  any of them,no one bring the great image 
to be an idol.only old folks with high hopes to offer.

i would never stop wishing for the better future of this country,but somehow,by looking and judging from their face,i dont find the certain dream would be fulfilled.they're just not convincing 
enough for me.for all i know,this country actually is at stake,dangerous position with many problem surrounded all over.
long time ago,one of my foreigner friend critisized me for taking less care about the problems occured in this country for so long.i only said to her,why bothered,even if i againts it,with myself 
only,there would be no significant changes.and to think about how myself would be in the future,is far important,since living in this stiuation such as now,requires alot of efforts.

am i being rather selfish?maybe,but thats the truth.in this world,each person have their own problems to solve.and to think about other thing,especially politics,would be the least priority after the need to have a proper life.  

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