Saturday, July 18, 2009

envy - high motivation - hard work - great planning - success

for the past few days lately,there were a major changes around the neighborhood.some
people made a huge decision concerning their life and it was said for the sake of their future. well,due to economical difficulties,where everything appears to be harder and harder to adjust with their current states,they want to try something out,like working or starting new business 
of their own for earning more income to fulfill their needs.

i was taught that in my religion,we're all just have to believe that there will be always a good thing even a great thing God has provided us through our lifes,that destiny upon us has been written in a very long time before the whole universe's created.
some people were destined to be rich,when all the thing that they touch turned into money,and also there are some unfortunate borned humans that have to live by struggling with the un-easy thing had made us different to one another is the long as there is a 
slighest will to fight and to try the hardest, even the destiny would be in our very own hand and the world will be up side down.

but some people would be satisfied by watching other gaining their success,more over,to ENVY them without making any tiny step to try building their own path for the future.meanwhile,some other people exist to turn their envy thoughts into one huge and HIGH MOTIVATIONs to gain their own dreams.with their high motivation,they  TRY their HARDest to reach their 
destination,their land of dreams.maybe there are a bunch of people who try their best without second thought how to make the best of it as longterm victory,and in the end they found themselves thinking the whole time after years later why my life is not changing and still stuck in the same spot.following only their hunch without a perfect planning for the successful achievement.honestly only fewer people who would spare some of their valuable times to re-think,calculate and draw the perfect GREAT PLANs before joining the race of life.who win would be the person/people who always use their best of logic thinking and be grateful for whatever they achieve even if its less or more than they dreamed of.just dont ever stop running since life will not stop even if you're just sitting with an empty wishes.  

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