Friday, July 24, 2009

the feeling :ice cream,chicken soup and choco cake

yesterday was unbelievably bright and sunny day in the morning, the good mood floating in the thin air.i was so happy that time,as if the life will be like this for the next few years, i didn't think there would be a problem at all.and my lovely hubby spent his time making 2 recipes,the chicken soup and chocolate cake.all day i worked on the computer with the smell of the cooking spoiled my nose and make my stomach dancing eagerly waiting for the delicious meals.

and so,finally after we took a break for lunch,we enjoyed both of it.the choco cake was awesome and the chicken soup was warming and tasty.we were talking and smiling happily while finishing our meals.then suddenly,came all of the unexpected things toward us.the sky turned into scary dark blue grey and the rain fell heavily in a few moments later. all of the sounds turned into 
silences,there were nothing but the drops of falling water created a gloomy scenery. 

i thought there would n't be anything behind this,but unfortunately i was wrong.something bad happened,and i didn't want to share the secret matters as the thing must be dealt by my own hands and with the help from hubby told me to see this in the positive way,as God might led us the way by giving me this test before blessing us with miracle and happiness ahead.i hope so,although deep down the fear might not completely gone,i tried my best to reduce it somehow. soft textured ice cream melted in my mouth as the tough heart of mine slowly turned more relaxed.

as this morning the sun is so bright as if there were no trace of the clouds and rain from yesterday.along with the great view,i got better news to relieve all the confusions from yesterday.the chicken soups was finished last night,the cake and ice cream were remained,and im eating it now.tastes like heaven.  

note:the pic was not originally mine,just to have the same picture in mind(^_^)

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