Friday, July 10, 2009

the forum

recently i've been joining some discussion forums.especially these two sites, the BC and Narutofan. but after a while, im getting bored with one of the site,since what they're al talking about was nothing but rubbish and unimportant matters.

maybe the intention was to attract people to join the discussion but for me personally in the end was a huge dissapointment and disgusted with the topic.most of all when the topic is about making fun of other religion, talking bad about each other,the daily personal habit,including the bad ones. i can see that actually most of them are a grown up adult,not a teenager,but sometimes fighting over one thing like a child.i just dont really understand what they're looking for,even me what am i looking for, there in the forum. 

on the other hand in naruto fan,since we share the same interest,what we're talking about wasn't become too personal.most of all what we're talk about was the manga character.i enjoy more. yes we also talk something unimportant but its fun and no harrassing the religion or racism.

the truth is i just love to join some discussions for practising my english.and the rest is just for fun. 

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