Sunday, July 12, 2009

kazoku, kyodai,the dream called perfect family

just now, it was a few minutes after 'eating' the latest japanese series 'Atashinchi no danshi/homeless' that i 've planned  to watch since a few days ago .the story is simple,funny and quite amusing though, but that's all. since it wasn't a very serious type of drama,so, the conclusion is : all's well end's well.i dont use my mind so much to think of what's next or what is the solution, coz i believe in the end it will be just fine.

but i learned something here,that the drama was all about the importance of family's existance and warmth with stronger bonds between each member of the family.lately,i've seen similar type of drama such as this one. celeb to binbo taro,bloody monday,oh my girl, just some dramas on the list  i can remember of.all offered the same thing,treasure the family.then i wonder why is it so important to bring up the theme over and over again there in japanese dramas?after a while i began to remember the story once that my japanese teacher told me in the class a couple weeks ago.he said that in Japan, the people are all into themselves only,never really bother to look and care for other people,even it means family,the parents and the if they live solely in their own world and thinking only for their own sake.the thing as the theme in the drama was a rare thing to find these days.imagine this,the brother,the sister,the parent live in one roof but act and treat about each other as a complete stranger.what a pity i guess.luckily, i have this one good and warm family.a great parent who care for their children,the siblings who are close to each one of them.we've been supporting each other in our entire life.Thank God.

maybe, just maybe,the idea to show the audience what is the meaning of family was not gonna work 100% as it should be,but atleast touched some hearts,and thats includes me.a little cliche' ,but it wasn't something impossible,if we just start opening our heart and spare some of our time to pay attention closely to the society.start from the smallest society called family. 


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