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naruto update : manga ch.457

synopsis (confirmed spoiler):Translation: by zibi234 MH

What I can geit it its that: team samui reaches Raikage.... naruto enters there bows and beggs for raikage to forgive sasuke... raikage says that ninja shouldnt bow so rushy....... I guess Yamato talks too soemthing related to hyuuga clan [mostly about the past incident with hiashi in that hinata kidnapping scene]..... scene is changed to Sasuke and Zetsu.... Sasuke plans to attack Danzou after the meeting when he will be returning... Zetsu will show him who is Danzou...... Sai couldnt wait and he invited sakura to follow him (decoy of naruto)... and its end with 5shadow apperaing..... so the meeting is starting...

Masashi Kishimoto Interview (About Minato) - March 2008

masashi kishimoto is the author/mangaka artist of naruto.This is a late post from March 2008 Shonen Jump.

SJ = Shonen Jump
MK = Masashi Kishimoto

SJ: There's many rumours regarding Madara being the absolute final villain. Is this true?
MK: Madara being the final villain is yet to be seen and I can't let that information out just yet. But he will play a big part as a villain, that's for sure.
SJ: Now that it's officially known that Yondaime is Naruto's father, will you show more of Minato?
MK: Yes, definitly. I actually wanted to reveal more about Yondaime earlier, but other characters were in development and some fights still had to be dealt with.
SJ: While we're at it... could you please tell us if Minato was the strongest shinobi that ever lived?
MK: Hmmm, it's a tricky question. As far as dead shinobis goes, then yes, he's the strongest. I'd say that Sandaime shares the number one spot with him. As far as living shinobis goes... well, without going into many details I'd have to say no. There's a couple of shinobis whose stronger than him.
SJ: Now that Itachi seems to be dead, what is Kisame going to do now?
MK: Kisame has always come off as a sidevillain whose only purpose is to travel along Itachi. But to my surprise, Kisame has gone from an unpopular character to someone whose more popular than Deidara after the Gai-fight. I won't say too much, but Kisame is a character that wont die anytime soon. I will definitly develop on his character more and possibly make him...
SJ: Make him what?
MK: It's a surprise.

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