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naruto update :chapter 458 new

458 The Great Debate of the Five Kage

Final part(the one i like the most,coz other than this is about kages conversation over akatsuki thing)

Sakura's tent

Sakura: Naruto...!Sai: Yes... To protect Sasuke, he got badly hurt... But he couldn't sell Sasuke. And then... He did not tell you, so as not to make you worry

Sakura: ...

Sakura: (Naruto...)

Sai: Now he's gone to ask the Raikage to forgive Sasuke... It's probably hopeless...

Shizune: But why be so reckless? Kakashi is with him

Sai: Kakashi-sensei trusts Naruto. I think that even though it was hopeless, he wanted to create a chance

Shizune looks at sleeping Tsunade

Sai: I was initially assigned to Kakashi's team to replace Sasuke, so that's why I don't understand them too well... ...I don't understand people's feelings too well either

Sai thinks of his talk with NarutoNaruto: (...I can't even keep my promises...)Sai: And I don't know what was your promise with Naruto...

Sakura: ...!Sakura remembers the promise(Naruto... It's my wish of a lifetime... Please, bring back Sasuke-kun)

Sai: But... That Naruto really likes you... Even me, I can tell that!!Sakura: ...!!

Sakura's flashback (yay...)

Small Naruto: Sakura-chan Likes Sasuke a lot...Tears in her eyes

Small Naruto: I know that Sakura-chan is hurting so much, it's painful... I will definitely bring him back home! It's my promise in a lifetime!!Tears are flowing from her eyes

Small Naruto: ...Sakura-chan! I... will definitely keep my promise. I don't change back on my word. That is my way of the ninja...

Sakura: Wa... ha...Okay, she's crying

Shizune: Sakura...Sakura: Uh...Sai: Naruto is suffering because of Sasuke but... what about you?Sakura realizing(what ?i wonder....)

Back to the meeting

Mifune: Now, only Konoha has a Jinchuuriki... The way he's guided is the key... So how about giving the supreme command of the alliance to the Hokage?Gaara: ...Raikage: What!?Earth: Huh!?Will the meeting be a carnage...!?That's all folks.(from

comment :where's the part saying abt sai and sakura's conversation?!(alright it answered now) im eager waiting for that one not some kages conversations..(*_*)!! but still leave me confusion

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