Tuesday, July 14, 2009

naruto update : manga ch.456(new)

synopsis- Danzou using a swift attack from his mouth to chop his enemies, by using the sharingan to calculate the enemies movement.and something about yamato and kakashi watching some root members secretly with a mokuton technique. the mizukage:the seven swordsman dude has a pair of swords called "hiramekarei", they stop at an inn.the tsuchikage:the tsuchikage is concerned that the meeting place of the kages isnt patrolled heavily enough.
the kazekage:gaara already reached his destination or is almost there.the samui's team:kakashi, yamato and narato are apparently following them secretly. possibility about team kakashi being noticed and being attacked.., some root members trying to stop naruto from leaving the village.

the last part also about the origins of the raikage (apparently yamato talked to kakashi about him).

comment:its getting more interesting but there's too many characters now in the story.i hope i don't get confuse after reading the actual manga chapter.and that old danzou can soon be gone


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