Wednesday, July 1, 2009

naruto update:manga ch.454,anime 116,bleach manga364

manga 454:Starts off with Tsuchi-kage (Earth/Soil-kage) - he's actually a small old man.
He's a stubborn old man that apparently threw out his back trying to hold his baggage on his own.
He has two companions - Aka-Tsuchi (red-soil) and Kuro-Tsuchi (Black-soil). (of the companions - the man looks like Anpanman, the woman looks like Anko with a little bit of weight.)
To the summit
Mizu-kage (water) looks like a Tsunade with a different hairstyle.
She is with a man called "Ao" (Blue) and one of the Seven Swordsmen.
The young one was being lectured for lacking patience - and the young one misunderstands being "late" to be associated with a delayed pregnancy. The pretty-looking one tells him to shut up and threatens him. (Translator's note: Just appears to be a semi-comedic exchange amongst them)

Rai-kage (thunder) says this guy's a good, passionate guy. As he says "Let's GOOOO!" He blasts through the room and makes his departure.

To Naruto. Naruto brings them (presumably the two Kumogakure-nins) to an isolated place and is told to give them information about Sasuke. But Naruto refuses to sell Sasuke out...
If you kill Sasuke - our village will retaliate and the endless chain of hate will perpetuate.
Then what should we do with the hate that WE harbour? (again, presumably the two Kumogakure-nins)
And Naruto's answer: you can keep hitting me until you're satisfied --> Naruto gets a beating
To Danzou
Ne (Root-anbu): Anko has two monitoring her - shall we go forward?
Danzou: Right now is an important time - we can't afford to do that now.
More importantly, we need to find Kabuto (He may know my connection with Orochimaru).
We need the medical data and experimental information from Orochimaru's work - that should be our priority.
Since he may have information that may be useful to my right eye and right hand...

anime eps 116: still about sasuke forming a new team from orochimaru's experimental subjects.

bleach manga 364: the fighting is getting good by the presence of Aizen and also the former shinigamis!

comments:i guess the manga just made me boring will be like back then when orochimaru attacked konoha and murdered the sandaime.but this time the villains will be two,the akatsuki gangs and danzou.

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