Wednesday, July 8, 2009

naruto update:manga ch.455,anime eps 117(new)

manga ch 455 : danzou is making plan with his root members about kabuto,sai and naruto.naruto still doesn't want to sell out sasuke to the raikage's subordinate trio.until sai tries to help him and finally the people whose beating him up stop and leave him.naruto told them that he want to help.sai takes naruto to where kakashi and yamato stay,and they begin to discuss things,including abt the kages summit.sai is asking why naruto and sakura would go that far for sasuke ,although he hurted them.and the rest is about yamato forbidding naruto to help since the neckless from tsunade was destroyed and yamato is too busy reconstructing the village.

anime eps 117:sasuke retreiving juugo for the team. for downloading the manga and the anime,you should look in the other site,not here.cheers

comment:i dont know what will kakashi do about this.and for sure naruto is going to rest for a while because of his injuries.

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