Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sapuri/suppli (japan drama 2006)

synopsis :Based on a popular manga, Minami (Ito Misaki) is a single 28-year-old office worker in an advertising office. She's very work-oriented and her love is doubted by her boyfriend. One day, she meets Yuya (Kamenashi Kazuya), who is a part-time worker at her company.
comment: actually i've watched this for the third time now.i dont know,somehow i like the story and the characters very much.i like watching ito misaki portraying the succesfull career woman and kame-kun as the part timer.although the chemistry was not as strong as koyuki and matsu jun in kimi wa petto,or nanako matsushima and takki kun in majo no jouken,but its ok.i enjoy this anyway. :-).this drama is great as kimi wa petto with the original manga.

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