Sunday, July 12, 2009

shaolin shojo(japan movie 2008)

about :Shaolin Girl (少林少女 shōrin shōjo?) a 2008 Japanese film inspired by the 2001 Hong Kong film Shaolin Soccer. Unlike the original film, the movie focuses on women's lacrosse. It starred Japanese actress Kou Shibasaki and see Hong Kong actors Lam Chi Chung and Kai Man Tin return from the original film. The film was released in Japan on April 26, 2008. Stephen Chow, director and star in Shaolin Soccer, was the producer, but is not credited as writer or director. by wikipedia
synopsis :Rin is trained in the art of kung fu for 9 years so that she can take over her grandfather's Shaolin dojo in China. Upon returning to Japan she ends up teaching her skills to the lacrosse team of a sports science wikia/eigapedia
comment :i want to see this one,i'll look for it later.coz i like shibasaki kou, and also i like stephen chow's shaolin soccer.just curious what it has to offer in this movie.after watching it, it wasn't a very good one :(

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