Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the thing is...

ima,watashi wa shigoto o owarimasu.watashi wa fashion desaina desu.fashion desain wa taihen desu kara toki doki watashi wa desain ga kirai desu. demo,watashi wa nani mo shimasen dake kono oshiigoto desu.watashi no yumei wa manga o shimasu.honto ni manga ga ichiban suki desu.manga wa fashion desain yori tanoshii desu.

its so difficult to write something in japanese language.well,i only managed to learn it until level 2,since i dont have so much time now for continuing the lesson.i've got a lot of work to do and i need some times to relax between those tasks.i cant afford to concentrate on other thing. although i love the language,i dont have enough spare time lately.instead of continuing the course,in the end i prefer to watch some japanese dramas and animes,also reading manga just to remind myself of the lesson from before.i used to do this when i learn english,i start reading, watching,or singing(for myself only as the bathroom singer ^_^) in english. 

unfortunately, there were some reasons behind all that i prefer to keep only in my mind.its like im dealing with something that already rooted ages ago.me alone would not make tiny differences to the whole society. i wish for them to learn life better,seeing things in a clearer point of view.not only judging things that go beyond their highest expectation. japan,i love the language,the cultures but definitely not the 'moment of truth' when i went through all the troubles.english,love the language,not all the cultures,but have a better memories when i entered the world of it.somehow,i guess to achieve my long lost dream would be still a long way to go.

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