Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cat and Mouse (hongkong movie 2003 )

Cat and Mouse (simplified Chinese: 老鼠爱上猫; traditional Chinese: 老鼠愛上貓) is a 2003 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Gordon Chan, and starring Andy Lau, Anthony Wong and Cecilia Cheung.
synopsis:Zhan Zhao (Andy Lau) is a court officer who learns of a plot to assassinate Judge Bao (Anthony Wong). While on holiday he meets a young man named Bai (Cecilia Cheung) who turns out to be a woman. Zhan Zhao tries to recruit Bai to help him stop the assassination of Judge Bao.
comment :i watched this last night in one of the local television.i like it very much,although the story is quite simple and there's nothing so special and really serious in this to see bai's and zhan's acts,however in this movie,the age difference between the leading actors were very clear.i must say the girl look far so young compare to the will be better if he's a younger actor.

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