Monday, August 17, 2009

dev parade(japan) vs gruvi(indo)

i cant help comparing when i see this. i know dev parade after listening to one of their song in naruto shippuuden anime ending title a few weeks ago.i notice the color they use is similar,especially using the red and the yellow for the two vocalists.gruvi is the local band who recently just put up one or two songs,even that i dont like the songs.just see for yourself in this youtube videos and see if i only made all this things the title below for seeing the video.

dev parade - bacchikoi

gruvi - masih mencintaimu

insert photos: the left one is gruvi and on the right is dev parade.
i just couldn't imagine,after dimas beck copied the video clip theme of halcali ,now if gruvi did the same then what a shame!

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adi said...

I can't comment anything except I agree about the costume, because I remember GRUVI song "aku masih mencintaimu" not so energic DEV PARADE song