Monday, August 31, 2009

the fasting month,ramadhan

fasting month....
now is already the 10th day of fasting month, ramadhan, and as for me it'd be the third days of fasting since for the past 7days before i couldn't do it coz i have my period of the month.and as for the 7days i didn't do, i'll have to pay it in the other day.for muslim, fasting is an obligation to do once a year,and it will be a full month or aroung 29-30days of fasting.

fasting actually is teaching me how to hold myself especially my emotion and to control more of my deed throughout each day i live.and to earn more and more of blessings from God by praying alot better than other ordinary day outside ramadhan.actually i have some of friends, foreigners who once asked me so many questions about fasting and the reason why people keep doing it meanwhile they're seeing it as a torture to our bodies.they said fasting will make your body lose the strength and dehidrated also starved so much until it hurt,and might make you sick.and you will lose concentration to do your daily activities and weakened the immune system in the body to hold againts all the viruses and illnesses.they strongly againts this and suggested me not to do it coz its just unacceptable and unreasonable in their mind to be able to survive and stay healthy if i keep doing the fasting.

i just laughed and told them im fine,and i would be just fine.fasting from the sunrise until the dawn wouldn't kill me.instead many advantages i got through fasting.i became more patient in facing things in life,my body is in better condition although the meal time is changing,and my heart is more content.yes i might get dehidrated and starved along the day,but it will be paid by the end of the day,when its time to iftar,eat after the time is today's era, its no longer a problem to do fasting because all the supplements and vitamins are there and provided for us to be added to our health and the end they're just smiled and said suit yourself, and i said thanks for their concern,i even offered them to try,but since they saw it looks kinda hard they politely refused.anyway deep down inside im sure they understand a little bit better about this and appreciate who choose to do fasting.happy fasting!may Alloh gives all the blessings we need in this holy month.

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