Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mbah surip,good bye...

 That's destiny.no one has any power to deny,decline or refuse whatever God decides in our life as all the rights are in It's hand.the death is one of God priviledges of every living creatures in this whole universe.no matter what the condition or situation is,when the time has come,it will come and there is no way we can avoid or run from it.

today, one famous newbie in local celebrity world named Mbah surip passed away.the sixty yearsold guy who has just became the most wanted singer all over the country because of his unique song called 'tak Gendong' scored a big hit.when i first read the news in the net(coz i seldom watch the television again for some gossip shows),i was surprised,why? in his state now,the popularity,the money that he gained,the new contract,just when everything in this life seemed to be better and proper for him,he must leave it all behind.even when people questioned why and why this is happening to him,who deserved to at least taste the happy and glamorous life after for many years living in a very uptight crucial economical problem as any other people in their daily life,just ran a small traditional coffee shop.but there is only one answer to all the questions,destiny from God.it was meant to be like this,and already written in his book of life, his journey must come to an end when his dream achieved.just like late MJ who died before he managed to carry on with his last concert.

wealth and popularity all can not even buy the true happiness,heal the sickness and survive the death. whatever excuses we made would not become something important before God.as long as we live in this world,as long as we can feel the air that we breathe,we can try as much as we can to do what we want to do and also pay our obligation to God.Cause in the end there is nothing we will bring,when we face the death and meet God.all will be left behind for the living.

i feel sorry for some people who believe there's no God.as much as they try to deny it,im sure that inside their heart contained a loneliness,empty mind.because no faith no believe no hope,nothing but to rely on themselves and only believes whatever happened all along was their own to be blamed. no miracles,nothing illogical in their thoughts.but i believe nothing is impossible,not all the thing is logical and no one has the power to predict accurately and plan the future for themselves to all in exact ways.however,sometimes not all of the thing can be explained in scientific thinking.

we will only living as what meant to be.we once borned into this filthy world, live life and then wait in the line to be the next companion of the death.so, who's next?   

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WiZnOe_hi said...

yoi...When we life in the world, we only have a lot of pray to God, for next level to akhirat...RIP Mbah Surip