Monday, August 24, 2009

miss universe 2009: discriminating asian contestant

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez, has been crowned the winner of Miss Universe 2009 on Sunday at Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas .

The 58th Annual Miss Universe 2009 was hosted by Billy Bush, and "Celebrity Apprentice" star Claudia Jordan.

The top 15 finalists who were vying for the Miss Universe crown were from Albania, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Iceland, Kosovo, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, the US and Venezuela.

some comment from viewers:

1.There's not even one contestant from asia entered top 15. Surprised much?

It's because asian women have more integrity not to 'hit-the-shack' with the judges. It's no secret that pageant contest is brutal. And the finalist are the ones who's willing to do 'more' than the others.

And the western world is still infatuated with artificial beauty. White 'bleached/veneer crown' teeth, full(er) 'injected' lips, big(ger) 'implanted' boobs, chiseled 'tucked/sucked' abs, perfect tan from tanning salon, and the list goes on.

It's not important if the winner still need translator to speak english, when other contestant from a no speaking english country can speak perfect english. Or she's barely over the legal age to drink, a freshman on college, with biggest acomplishment was being a captain of a cheerleader squad, have a dream of being a lawyer/doctor/bussiness woman, but yet they havent taste the real world, whereas other contestant IS a doctor/lawyer/bussiness woman, but they're not as young and perky as the youngsters. All i see is, as long you look smokin' hot on stage and just got out of puberty, you have a big chance to win a pageant.

Harsh, but so damn true.

2.i'm calling for asian countries to boycott ms universe next year! it's a shame really, there are a lot of beautiful and brainy candidates in asia! most of the top 5 can't even speak english! my gush!

3.Venezuela is indeed a stunning beauty.. But does she really deserves the crown?

Donald trump should change the name for the pageant. He should name it 'MISS WHO-CAN-PLEASE-ME-MORE' pageant.

4.what a competition????????????miss
venezuela won?give chance to asian!they are gorgeous,,they are more capable to become a miss universe,elegance is in there culture and in there genes...

yeah,, a bit unfair,, nt asia. 15

puerto rico dominican republic iceland kosovo albania USA australia switzerland south africa sweden france crotia venezuela czech republic and belgium this year competiton sucks no asians and no mexico colombia and brazil.

next year 20 to 30 countries never send delegate again most from asian countries

WTF!!!!! Almost everyone in the top 15 finalist are white, I smell something fishy!!!

my comment: this pageant this year has lost its meaning,mostly because of the way they choose the top 15 and the winner.are the contestant from asia that bad?i guess its just a silly contest in the end.i hope my country didn't have to break they sweat off to send another contestant to the arrogant 3b (b***s***,boobs,bikinis) cheap contest ever again.coz its no use,the rule has always been the owner of the money.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It's so unfair how Asian countries are so under represented in these contests. They never or rarely make it to top 15. These judges have such biased views of what beauty is.

Mel said...

so true, i share the same sentiments

Deviki @ Viki said...

You know i really don't see what's the big deal about the contest at all .....i stopped watching this type of contest when i notice that they always seems bias ..... and i feel like after they won the pagent then what ?? I feel like they should stop this contest as they give the younger female generations the idea of "What is beautiful image"