Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naruto update :chapter 459(confirmed spoilers)

Byakugan, Danzou and The Attack!!

Ino cries, then there's a meeting of people of the same generation¹ for some reason. Sakura and Naruto aren't there.Shikamaru goes to where Sakura is,He reports to Sakura that everyone got together to talkThe conclusion is that if Sasuke is caught up in hatred and revenge, as Konoha, they will... (kill him?).For some reason, Sakura seems to go from being dazed to making a decision,I'm going to talk to Naruto'

To the conference
The Mizukage's attendent with the eyepatch senses that the atmosphere has turned strange for some reason.Under the eyepatch is the Byakugan,In Danzou's right face and arm, he sees a chakra flow he once saw before...
It is exactly the same as Uchiha Shisui, whom he once fought,(Shisui's Sharingan had a doujutsu that allowed him to go into his opponent's mind and manipulate them, even without the opponent realising it).He questions Danzou about it: I too once fought a Hyuuga and got a transplant, but...
What if I were the one who unravelled the Fourth Hokage's jutsu (Danzou was the one manipulating?)As the circumstances worsen, Zetsu appears.After this, Uchiha Sasuke will attack. I wonder if you know where he is...!?
It ends with him saying something like this,It seems Sasuke is going full speed down the path of evil, already being searched by the Five Countries as a dangerous criminal...
Tobi orders Zetsu to "Go!!"
Zetsu appears in the centre of the place where the conference is held and speaks,
It seems like White Zetsu hints that Sasuke and his team are no longer with him... or something like that.When Zetsu appears in the end, Temari stands before Gaara, protecting him ^^(from naruto spoilers blog)

comment : i thought sakura would do more than just being dazed.why she didn't go to find naruto sooner?i dont like this..,what is sasuke up to?...just have to wait until 2days ahead to find out.huh


Mel said...

Sai was right sakura and sasuke were both big burden to naruto. Poor thing...for the record I hate Danzo..hehe

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noodlemie said...

poor naruto isn't it?i really hate danzo too!you are welcome!