Monday, August 10, 2009

six years from then..

yesterday i went to the gathering in one small community i've joined for years.actually i didn't feel like going there since it will be such an annoying thing for me in the end.and yes,as i thought before,i found nothing but boredom and felt like i was among the strangers where 
people staring at me with their suspicious eyes.i walked and kept on doing so,atlhough some people said some unpleasant thing before me.the thing that bothered me the most was that i saw the people who have some crossed path of destiny with me.

i saw 2 person that somehow reminded me of some bad memories i have in the of them was the person who took one 'happiness to come' from me and left me with wounded heart and big trauma.the other was the person who coldheartedly accused me of stealing the person that  
dearest to her,the same person whom she rejected before.just because the guy finally chose me and forgot all about her. inside my heart i felt deep awkwardness when i was there,in the same place with them.the atmosphere felt so dark and trully uncomfortable,it felt harder for me 
to breath.i wanted to get out of there as soon as possible but i couldn't.if i could i'd rather stayed in the other place like the mall or garden among the true strangers.i knew them since we were 
small,but they weren't ever to be a closed friend of,after 6years the wound i had maybe wasn't as bad as before but its like a scar that would remained inside my heart forever.i would never forget how miserable my life because of,each of us had our own life, but i wish i would never cross the path of destiny with them ever again.Thank God is always beside me and shows me that i must never stop being grateful towards God,cause afterall all i have now is way better than them in everything. Alhamdulillah.. 

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