Thursday, August 20, 2009

song hye kyo with hyunbin? oh no!!

after all this time,waiting and collecting bikyo,in the end it will never happen since she finally choose to be with her co-star in the same drama'world within' hyun bin(also played in my name is kim sam soon,millionaire's first love).actually i was quite dissapointed,but what the hell,its not my life and my business.although deep down i admire her after the 'full house' until it inspired me for so many things and watch it until more 3times,but it was hopeless in the end,there will be no more bikyo.

meanwhile with her current boyfriend,their latest drama together was a flop,not at all a success reminded me of her ex-bf lee byung hun,when they played in the same drama'all in',it was also a flop.karma?maybe it was not that far,but for me the dream the dream couple is gone now and i might not want to eagerly wait for her work in the future since,sorry to say, i dont really like her current boyfriend.

for me was always bikyo forever not binkyo

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