Tuesday, August 11, 2009

where's everyone?i feel so alone...

tonight i cant think of anything good to post here in my blog,so i decided only to write what i feel now. total boredom and anxiety,alone and no one around to talk to.i was writing about the feeling i get when i browse the net and do stuffs here.

usually there are some people hang out in the forum and we discuss and talk like real friend,daily friend.where we acted like neighbors to one another. although we're coming from different place in every part of this world,it didn't matter at all.we're also a bunch of people with various ages.and once again its not a problem,its not a big deal. but one thing for sure that we love the same thing in this forum of one of my favorite manga called Naruto.

we almost regularly meet there and have a quite long interesting chat,even arguing about the story of the newest manga chapter or our daily lives.one of them is a nurse and a good housewife, the other would be college students or worker.we don't feel ashamed showing each other the fan art or drawing that we made.yes maybe we acted like a kid group who made one gang ''for naruto's sake''.but that's what we are,the true us.

i hope next time i would find and meet them in the right time,since i was pretty busy thinking some other thing and don't want to nothing else but waiting until the best solution here to come.minna arigato..!

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