Tuesday, September 29, 2009

black,grey and white

in this life there are always options for us human to choose.whether it'll be black,grey or white.since human as some people said is a mixture of half demon and half angel.just s/he her/himself only who can decide in which side s/he will stay.

today i feel very disappointed after learning the newest truth that revealed before my very eyes.some people whom dear to me had exposed their true forms in which i've never could imagine before.its not that i would put all the blame on to their shoulders for all the things but i pity them for getting poisoned by some moron demon's influences from the shallow-minded people among them.they turned into some selfish-egoistic arrogant self-centered people who see nothing but their own truth instead of the real truth.they've never cease to stop blaming other 'by the rule' they claimed,as if they're the only true holy human being blessed with the good heart.they've never wanted to reflect their own shadow in the mirror just to see themselves more properly,instead accusing for empty things who brought nothing but trouble for other people.they said the know the rule and they are justice in their mind meanwhile it was nothing but low and narrow perspective of their small brain.

i wonder why,the good people always surrounded by a lot of bad people who do nothing but trying to offend,underestimate,talk bad,think bad,accuse,judge,bother them just to get justification and to legitimate their own thinking and opinion.the quote 'don't judge a book by its cover' is true all along since nowadays many people seem to lose the idea in this part.they've failed to understand its forbidden to only see thing only in their point of view but also need to spend sometimes to look the other way to get a clearer view of the whole idea of whats happening.you see,black is definitely evil, white is definitely kind,but grey is the worst,since it cant be seen in both side clearly whether its good or bad. personally these grey type of people were the most dangerous people to deal with compare even to the black.im afraid the people i mentioned before have turned into the shade of grey more and more now from the white before,although they've bound with religion.

religion was meant to bring people to be a whole lot better people,with open mind and mature in more positive side of thinking,the more we learn the more we understand and comprehend what should or should not be done in this life.but the fact just cant lie,i saw more of the contrary,including these people i said earlier.they claimed they knew the rule but they've never think too far to learn what they've done was nothing but some useless doing as some stupid donkey would do.falling for the first time would be a lesson,but falling for the 2nd time is idiotic.they claimed they pray alot,but God knows what they're thinking while praying,or only being somewhere in the fantasy land and not the reality.they said those who r not praying is lame and bad,without realizing they point it out to themselves directly.

so whats the use of learning great things in religion ceremonials,if in the end not a slightest thing we took advantages to form ourselves in mind and heart to be better person,willing to be reminded or banged in the head by other just to learn the mistake we've done.after all we're only human,do mistakes most of the time.

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