Saturday, September 19, 2009

idul fitri festival mubarak 1430H

tonight has been decided to be the night of Idul Fitri Festival,the sign of the end for fasting month Ramadhan. and i realize that i might not use the opportunities to the fullest,not to mention how low my faith along this holy month and tent to pursue my own satisfaction by protecting myself over some unnecessary thoughts that had prevented me from do some goodness for God sake.

instead of thinking more positively and pray more,i have chosen to drawn myself in confusion and emptiness.i musn't say this but i cant help it,if only i can rewind the moment,the whole month exactly,i would like to pay for all that i long i did this selfishfoolness, for years and i haven't found the lost thing in my chest i long to find.Idul fitri is the moment when all of muslims go back to purity in mind and soul as a newly borned baby.i wish i could have the strength to change and change everything in my mind.Please God help me and keep me in Your way til the day i breathemy last breath.Amiin

May God be with us and forgive all of our sins.....

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WiZnOe_hi said...

if like that, just trying to be better than yesterday