Monday, September 14, 2009

the iftar with people from the past

i was just arrived a couple hours ago from iftar meeting with my highschool friends whom i didn't see for like 13years after our graduation ceremony.well,not all of them actually,there is one of my bestfriend whom i keep in touch with a few moment after we got separated from school.

i was hoping many of our classmates would kindly showed up and spared some of their time to share with us,but unfortunately not.i dont know,maybe they're jut too busy with their own business. after a while,i felt sort of uncomfortable with the situation and felt very exhausted,since i just got back home from wandering to 3 different places at once on a very hot day and i was fasting. for me it was like a torturing situation coz my body was all sweating from the sun,the traffic jam and the crowded people,and not to mention the thirst in my throat dying for some fresh water to drink but i couldn't have it.i just have 1.5hours to prepare myself before going to the meeting place.and i made a promise with my bestfriend from highschool,that she would gladly came and we went there together.

the plan was to go with my dear hubby,unfortunately,something came up and in the end,we went different place for the meeting place, i managed to meet some of my old friend from highschool and we had sort of chat together,but i was hoping for something else not to happen. that i would meet some people who would reminded me of the ol' me.the truth is i knew, i knew what's going on and i prefered to pretend not to notice.since it would be a bothersome. and i dont know why,i kept on remembering my bestfriend in the other city and wanted to tell her something.i feel happy to meet them but i didn't want to do it again,since i wanted to put all behind and never looked back.just to respected some friends but that's all there's to it.

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