Sunday, September 6, 2009

the marine(US movie 2006)

The Marine is a 2006 action film starring wrestler John Cena. The film was directed by John Bonito, written by Michelle Gallagher and Alan B. McElroy and produced by Joel Simon. Produced by the films division of World Wrestling Entertainment, called WWE Films, and distributed in the United States by 20th Century Fox, the film received a PG-13 rating from the MPAA for "intense sequences of violent action, sensuality and language". However an unrated version was released on DVD and Blu-ray.
synopsis : After returning home from Iraq, former Marine John Triton (Cena) and his wife Kate (Carlson) decide to take a vacation. Meanwhile, criminal mastermind Rome (Robert Patrick) robs a jewelry store with his accomplices: his attractive girlfriend Angela (Abigail Bianca), Morgan (Parker), Vescera (Gibson), and Bennett (Bennett). While running from the cops, they stop at a gas station, where John and Kate have stopped as well. When a patrol car arrives to fill up, Morgan shoots one and Rome injures the other. After Bennett knocks John out with a fire extinguisher, Kate is kidnapped. Morgan shoots at the gas tanks, causing the store to blow up with John inside. John survives, emerging to take the abandoned patrol car. He gives chase, with every single member of the gang shooting at him. They go through a construction area, and to the edge of a lake. Under heavy fire, John falls out the car and into the lake. click here for more
the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment : last night the local television played this movie and i was interested to watch it since it may be good as die hard(atleast thats what i was thinking in the beginning).but unfortunately it was way far than i expected it to be.the main character was so expressionless and the story was so shallow.i was quite disappointed with the movie in general.i watched some of arnold schwarzenneger and jean claude van damme,but this one is more likely close to steven seagal movies,thats i dislike very much.i fell asleep without finish watching it,its a sign how boring the movie was. the rock was had a better acting.

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