Wednesday, September 16, 2009

naruto update : naruto chptr 464 :the power of darkness

synopsis :The Raikage's attack is stopped by sand.
The three Sand siblings and a woman appear.
Gaara tries to persuade Sasuke by saying Sasuke is repeating him, but it ends in failure.
They then fight; using sand, Sasuke's vision is blocked and Amaterasu is avoided (At the same time, an eye of sand floats about).sasuke 's power of susano'o is increasing and he completely lost in the darkness.(read the manga click here)

In the conference room, Danzou is planning to escape, so when the Byakugan holder grows tired,
*due to not being the real thing, he uses the opportunity to put [everyone] in a Genjutsu.
Zetsu is still tied to a tree
The small person notices the genjutsu
Danzou and co leave the conference room
When the Sand Sibling combination repel the last attack of Amaterasu, Susanoo appear. It ends with this.

comment: i dont like the way the chapter evolved around sasuke,and he's just so damn lucky to get help from other party when it come to fighting his opponent.i hate the character,i hate the author made it this way.

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