Friday, September 11, 2009

shining inheritance to full house

after one 2days marathon,me watching shining inheritance episodes,although i wasn't able to finish yet due to my stamina and time,but i already get the big picture and the whole idea of the drama was all about.not so different than any other mainstream of korean dramas with the love quartet story,wealth and greed.but yet i cant help to compare this one with full house,if in the tabloid i read that this drama reminded them about full house except the whole arguing with yelling thing,but for me the acting of the main characters somehow made no different than full house's character in less chemistry bonds.

enough with the comparison,i also noticed something else,han hyo joo's appearance in this drama, her mimic is similar to song hye kyo in full house,although SHK has various styles for her hair. both of them are truly beautiful women which made every eyes just couldn't help but pay attention to them most of the time. and both of the guys who played the opposite role to them as their lover somehow also have some similarity,as singers with great voices with less handsome face as model,but quite nice and unique.then again i can say one thing for sure,Rain has more sex appeal and great body posture compare to lee seung gi/ for chemistry,han hyo joo/lee seung ki is still below rain/song hye kyo,but for the story yes shining inheritance/brilliant legacy is richer than full house in complexity and conflicts also one and a half times longer episodes,28 eps to 16 eps.the very last thing,the fashion clothing in character's costumes of shining inheritance is less attractive in my eyes than full house,especially colors,mix and match,hair styles.

i would recommend this(shining inheritance) to anyone who would watch newest and popular korean drama of this year,although after watching, you can't help to do the same thing as i did now,making comparison.thats it :)

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