Friday, September 25, 2009

a tiring but refreshing day in a mountain

Just a couple of hours ago,me ,my hubby and his brothers went to the mountain,mt.tangkuban perahu. although we left a little late in the morning,but we managed to get there within 1hour 30 minutes by motorbikes.yes we also naively took the wrong entry to the mountain,since the road is totally horrible,dusty and unfixed.

But as soon as we arrived in the mountain, around the crater exactly,all the tired journey were paid off by the beautiful views.many people seemed to share the same interests with us,since there were a lot of people who came and visit the place.for me personally, it has been like 8years ago i visited this place last time along with my friend maria and mr.pri.things were hardly changed much from backthen just more people,more souvenir's seller and warmer climate.the stink smell that came out from the crater(cause of high sulphur contained) has always the original welcoming scent from it.i took several photos to keep some memories from the trip today, since i didn't want to miss a single moment from everything around me that i find great.

we were walking down the path on the rocky road,until we got close enough to the crater, and we didn't want to go any about more than 1hour,we walk around and until my feet so sore and tired and we satisfied with the sight-seeing.finally we decided to end the trip and returned home.anyway,thanks to my dear hubby,atleast i can refresh myself better and went home happily.(^_^)

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