Thursday, September 3, 2009

the yesterday's earthquake : unexpected scariest moment i've been through

for those who wants to read full news about the quake,click here.

for the entire life I've been living, I've never felt so scared in my whole life as yesterday. a great earthquake occurred here and all over the province, in almost all of the island of java especially the western happened around 14.55 WIB, and it was indeed scared me to death when everything were shaking like crazy, i was in the 2nd floor of my house along with my hubby, working in front of the computer on some files when i felt the things around me including myself moving in a very unusual way.

both of us spontaneously hurried ourselves to go downstairs and got out of the house.for more than 5 minutes the quake did not stop.after a while finally the shaking stopped,but not for long when the 2nd quake happened.we again went outside and stay there for more than 10 minutes to make sure it was the final moment of the natural disaster.

that day surely will be unforgettable day as i have once experience the same thing although was not as worst as this one.i instantly forgot everything but just trying to survive,nothing i brought but this body to avoid from the worst possibilities.Thank God everything is ok.Alhamdulillah. it made me think i should be more obedient,remember and pray to God more than I've usually done.
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