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shoujo manga :kindan no koi wo shiyou and the sequels

1.kindan no koi wo shiyou
Title: Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
Categories: drama, josei, mature, romance, supernatural
Author: Ohmi TomuArtist: Ohmi Tomu
Chapters: 5 - complete

synopsis :This manga started when Hisako is saved from a drunk by a wolf. It revolves around Hisako 'n Yato (the wolf during the day 'n human in the night ?!) How will she react ??


2.zoku kindan no koi wo shiyou

Title: Zoku Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
Categories: drama, josei, mature, romance, supernatural
Author: Ohmi TomuArtist: Ohmi Tomu
Chapters: 4 - completed

synopsis :The continued adventures of Hisako and Yato.


3.kindan no koi de ikou

Title: Kindan no Koi de Ikou
Categories: drama, josei, mature, romance, supernatural

Author: Ohmi Tomu Artist: Ohmi Tomu

Chapters: 41 - completed


Hisako is saved by a beautiful wolf that turns into an even more beautiful man...but can a relationship like this work!?

comment: after reading the whole chapter of this 3 continuation story of the manga, so far i can say its good,the drawing is great,the story and emotion flowed slowly,passionate and great.i love the mixed plot,the unpredictable moments and the unlimited boundaries for love.although its kind of forbidden love.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

naruto update : manga chapter 469

Summary chapter 469:naruto turned down sakura
-kisame and killerbee start for the fighting.....

-some kage's assistants try to find where danzou is by the scent,and danzou's men try to trick them.danzou want to take the byakugan eyes from Ao.

-the chat between kages about danzou and the alliance.


Naruto: "Wha..?! What did you just say, Sakura-chan?! I think I misheard you, say it again."
Sakura: "As I said, Naruto, I like/love you! Sasuke-kun doesn't mean anything to me any more! I don't know why I could love anyone like him... I'm confessing to you here, so listen to me."
Naruto: "But why...? How come...? If you're joking, then this isn't funny at all... Sakura-chan.... Just... What the hell happened[to you]...?"
Sakura: "Nothing, really... I just opened my eyes... I don't need to love someone who is a missing-nin and a criminal, do I? I'm not going to be a child forever. I'm going to look reality in the eye."

Sakura: "So, Naruto... I don't need your promise any more. Won't you stop chasing Sasuke...?"

Yamato: "What is..."
Kakashi stops him

Naruto: "What happened[to you], Sakura-chan? Why did you so suddenly change your opinion of me..."
Sakura: "I'm telling you, I don't need it any more! I've fallen in love with you, with all my heart, that's why."
Naruto recalls a scene where/when Sakura loved Sasuke.
Sakura hugs Naruto.
Kakashi: "Sakura, are you..."
Sakura: "I've just grown apart from Sasuke-kun... But you've always been at my side, Naruto. You cheered me on... I've realized... how you really are. You're a hero who protected the village. Everyone in the villages loves you now.... I've just become one of them... You were that mischievous dead-last... but little by little you've grown lovely and handsome... You were close to me so I saw it. But Sasuke-kun keeps committing crimes... It just breaks my heart... He's just become someone distant to me."
Naruto: "..."

Sakura: "But Naruto... When I can touch you like this... I feel at peace... I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart..."

Naruto: "Cut the bullshit, Sakura-chan... I told you I can't laugh at a joke like that."

Sakura: "What're you angry for...? I've just gotten over Sasuke-kun, that's all. A woman's heart is a strange thing, isn't it."(<--- Unsure about this line)
Naruto: "I... I hate people who'd lie to themselves!" The end.

comment :naruto u r stupid ?and sakura r u telling him the truth ?or is it just because of the dscussion earlier that have made ino cried?damn im pissed after knowing this.(*_*)!!pls stop the hypocracy!

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume,koorihime kitan,hsd kenichi

series info
Title: Koorihime Kitan
Categories: one shot, romance, shounen, supernatural
Author: Kawashita Mizuki Artist: Kawashita Mizuki
Chapters: 1 - completed

synopsis :Doujima Kenji and his friends decide to spend their winter vacation ghost hunting, however all but one of them cancel. Now, he finds himself alone with the girl he likes, and it turns out that there may be more to this ghost story than they had anticipated.
series info
Title: Hadashi de Bara wo Fume
Categories: comedy, drama, historical, romance, shoujo
Author: Ueda Rinko Artist: Ueda Rinko
Chapters: 29 - ongoing - irregular

synopsis :Sumi Kitamura is the second eldest in a parentless family of six. One day after her older brother leaves town, her younger brothers and sisters are taken away. The only way for her to get them back is to make a lot of money fast. On her quest to find money, a man offers to give her the money if she marries him...

comment:its nice story,second to faster than a to read it and cant wait for the next chapter :)


history's strongest disciple kenichi chptr.358 : its about the former opponent of shigure whom lose the confidence after she took the sword from him,and one of yami sensei asked him to steal the sword from the government. i cant wait for the next chapter..(^_^)

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no naruto manga this week! ,kenichi chp.357

sadly for the narutard like me,ther will be no manga chapter 469 this week, well im also disappointed since the story is very interesting.what will sakura say to naruto?will killerbee be beaten by kisame ? how the kages move?and off course danzo and madara/tobi acts.wait patiently like i do until nextweek.but as for the anime i think it will be out this week. and yes it is out! anime eps 132, its the presence of six paths of so sad knowing that jiraiya soon will be gone...T^T

history 's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 357: the doubt about tanimoto's status in yomi, but kenichi's curiosity thought has been calmed down by one of his sensei.'people doesn't change that easily,believe in him..... '

bleach ch.379:fight between ichigo and yomi the espada.the appearance of byakuya and the other captain.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

another drawing with digital touching

these are my drawings with computer touched for the effect. i love the manga,anime and the characters.!naruto !yay im afraid that i might re-post one of the drawing but oh well..

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the drawing of mine

encouraged by some of my friend who loves drawing, im beginning to revive my old hobby.and here are the results.ganbatte to myself (^O^)

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one day out of the blue..the f word dropped by

just a few minutes ago,i checked out my email account to see if there is any new email in my inbox. and yes there was, and marvelously amazing or i would say shocking email. she said the 'f' word! oh my God!.never in my life i heard or read that such nasty word except from my lovely ex-boss who lost control and blaming me just because her superior mad at her too,i complained to her and told her that she wasn't suppose to do that,she didn't have the right on purposely hurting other people and made them as the revenge victim just because she got yelled.

some people just need to learn some anger management,since the mature behavior just couldn't be judged from the age only.from her i learn some lesson and yet it made comfortable to be the one who understand her side all the tires me up.actually im also kind of impatient person,and never try to hide what i feel when i get angry,irritated or annoyed.but i would never say such thing to other people no matter how mad i am.i always think and re-think the outcome of every words i said. maybe i will do some shocking action without saying anything but all of that is only for warning to behave better.and when i say some criticism,some people just couldn't take it whether it because i sounded harsh or the fact that they couldn't take the truth or criticism itself by thinking themselves the right ones.

now,the same thing goes for this lady i met in one forum.she had sent me 2 messages with nasty words,and showed her true color.i was very very mad but i realize she wouldn't listen anyway,so i put a little better words but instead make her learn her position,she attacked again,then i just shake my head and smile,i ignore the childish her. i hardly knew her and i just simply commented on her thread and try softly advice her to act better than just saying unnecessary things.she's 14 years older than me,and claimed herself to be a famous journalist in one country somewhere in south America.but from what i see and read,then learned for sometimes now, i realize and honestly i doubted she is as what she told.

in my point of view,the people who works and live in the magazine or newspaper thing would be a far more ahead and wide minded person whom the skills,the brains and the knowledge will be the great asset for the company and their readers in society. but unfortunately for me this person didn't show this kind of personality judging from her words and how she dealt with other people in the forum,and shamelessly attacking them but claiming herself as the victim.then i realize she was just like a 10 years old nephew of mine who wouldn't listen when he made mistakes but rather start going crazy and mess everything up.

why the hell are this kind of people exist?i wonder what kind of way to deal and to make them realize and think better,do better,treat better to other people.

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first girl and boku ni natta watashi (manga)

Series Info

Title: First Girl
Categories: adventure, drama, josei, mature, romance
Author: Chiho Saito
Artist: Chiho Saito
Chapters: 18 - completed


A Japanese girl is sold off to a South American business tycoon, who takes her away to this foreign land. Here, he seduces her, and the two slowly fall into a love trap. But while this occurs, another force interrupts the two's love-web. A violent revolution ignites within the country and the two are soon separated.


Series Info

Title: Boku ni Natta Watashi
Categories: gender bender, mature, romance, school life, shoujo
Author: Ako Shimaki
Artist: Ako Shimaki
Chapters: 16 - completed


Welcome to Momoko's waking nightmare. Things were settled. They were! She was SUPPOSED to have gone to a normal school, made normal friends, and led a blissfully normal life. But the universe is just cruelly, irredeemably, monstrously unfair, so instead she found herself thrown out of home, stuck in an all-boys boarding school with a roommate she hates, cursed with a hideous haircut and wearing clothes which, to be frank, she wouldn't be seen dead in.And the only thing worse than her current situation is the one that she'll be in if anyone ever realizes that she is, in fact, a girl. Everything is wrong! Everything! Particularly the fact that, even though she's surrounded by amazingly gorgeous guys, her chances of romance are less than zero. But with life this complicated, something is bound to give. In fact, it just did.

comment: first girl is a very mature manga story,the story line is quite ok, but i dont like the girl character's personality.and this is all mostly abt tango reminded me of the old barbara cartland's novel the dangerous marriage in the revolution part. as for the second manga,boku ni natta watashi, reminded me of hana kimi (girl in all boy school), although it was for different reason,and itou character similar in taking athletic sport as his specialty,i like hana kimi way better anyway.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

liar game season2(japan drama 2009)

synopsis:The naïve Kanzaki Nao and expert swindler Akiyama Shinichi have not heard anything from the LIAR GAME organization since the end of the previous game, so it seems they may have actually escaped. But Nao suddenly gets another invitation and is once again caught up in the game. This time, she has to team up with Shinichi and one of their previous rivals named Fukunaga, facing off against three more opponents in new games of deception, such as "24 Rensou Russian Roulette" and "17 Poker." --Tokyograph
note:The sequel will continue from the first season. The players will face off in four games and a semifinal round, while the final game will take place in the movie, titled "LIAR GAME: The Final Stage to be released in 2010-Feb-06.

comment: i cant wait any longer :( but i have too, its so unbearable to wait like this the whole time. since this is one of my favorite drama.(T^T)

naruto update:manga ch.468:kisame vs killer bee

synopsis chapter 468 :Madara leaves the battlefield
The six countries form an alliance (The Iron Country also participates)
As supreme commander of the alliance, Gaara recommends Hatake Kakashi
The Tsuchikage and Raikage agree
The Tsuchikage wonders "Should we make the jinchūriki fight at the front-most lines?"
Raikage: "I don't know what Bee would do"
Gaara: "The same goes for Uzumaki Naruto"
They discuss that the two should be restricted and guarded.
The Kage discuss how they lost their faith in Danzō after he deserted them
The Raikage signs a document making Danzō loose his standing wherever he is known
Chōjūrō talks about Kisame
"Kisame-san has the ability to merge/unite? with his sword Samehada and turn into a monster. His power is like the Tailed Beasts, excluding the Nine-Tails. That's why all my senpai feared him."
Bee is studying enka under Sabu-chan

Sakura arrives at Naruto's location and goes to have a talk with him...
Kisame arrives at Bee's location
Next time: Bee VS Kisame
It ends with this. No less than three parts show us Naruto's thoughts
And the second spoiler:
I also somehow thought of Kakashi, but the Tsuchikage feels something like "The White Fang's son... I wonder if he has enough experience".
Black Zetsu picks up White Zetsu
Kisame finds Suba-chan and co rapping. Apparently suba-chan might possibly be strong as well.
Sakura, Kiba, Lee and Sai approach Naruto, who's on the roof meditating in Sage Mode.
Kurotsuchi picks white Zetsu up.
Sub-chan is enthusiastic and passionate.
Sabu-chan's dog finds Kisame and they prepare for battle.
Naruto is on the roof is concentrating in Sennin Mode. Also there now are Kiba, Lee, Sakura, and Sai.
Perhaps master Sub-can is strong?
Clarification on Kisame line:
His power is like that of a Tailed Beast, but he's not as powerful as the Nine-Tails
Gaara says something like "After this, we'll start negotiations"
Perhaps he'll refuse, there is that possibility. After that, there might be Shikamaru
6 Countries alliance is formed including Iron Country. Gaara suggest Kakashi as their leader. Kirabi trains under Sub-chan sensei when Kisame arrives -> cliffhanger.
tsuchi and raikage agree for kakashi
raikage decides if they tell the village about danzou he will lose his standing there and as he ahs with the kages
Hirame (?) meets kisame and says if he fuses his body with his sword he would be able to fight kyuubi
Sakura arrives to naruto ready to talk with him
Bee is training in enka (the old japanese music)

anime eps 131: jiraiya start fighting pain,but he got troubled by pain's ability..omg i cant imagine whats next since i knew it will be sad...

comment:now, its getting more interesting, since sasuke will be out of the picture for a while, kisame and killerbee fighting will be awesome!cant wait to see what next..:),ut noooo,no chapter nextweek :( . and yes there is anime ep this week.

-history's strongest disciple kenichi: the festival,tanimoto fulfilled his promise to honoka,but will he become the member of yomi?have to wait until nextweek. actually i dont like the scanlation results,since many part of the manga is blurred so much and erased in so many ways.clear yes,but its just not as the original anymore.

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the jackal(movie 1997),the poet (movie 2007)

synopsis :Russian mobster Terek Murad has declared open season on the Russian militia and the FBI over the shooting of his brother in a Moscow nightclub. He hires the Jackal, a nasty assassin whom nobody has even seen, to kill the Director of the FBI. With nowhere else to turn (except a woman who used to work with the Basque separatists, who is now in the USA but whose exact whereabouts in unknown to all save Mulqueen), FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston (who was present at the Moscow shooting) and Major Valentina Koslova of the Russian milita (who pulled the trigger in that shooting) enlist the reluctant services of Declan Mulqueen, an imprisoned IRA sniper, to track the Jackal down, for Declan is the only other person who can positively identify the Jackal.

comment: i watched this on the local television until late and pass midnight,the story is great and the commercials break also very long, bruce willis is so mean in this movie as the hitman, and richard gere also great as the opponent from government's agent.

:At the dawn of World War 2, a Rabbi's daughter and a disenchanted German soldier fall in love and are separated by the war. They struggle on a perilous journey to find one another.

the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment:i've watched this a couple days ago,and after finished i got a little bored.its all about nazi and jew as 'the pianist' and 'hitler',but this one is surely in lower quality than those two. actually i dislike this kind of story,ok i know nazi was cruel and jew was the victim,and the love story was not so great,less dramatic.i was stressed out watching it.

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my love patzzi,gaba kawa and its not like that,darling

my love patzzi(korean drama 2002)

:Song Yi is a girl with a pure heart with a bad temper. She was tricked and humiliated by her "best friend" Hee Won as a child. From then on, Hee Won has always been the princess and successful while everyone mistook Song Yi as the evil child. When Song Yi did not have a job, Hee Won introduced her to the amusement park that she is in charge of. There she found her childhood friend and ex-crush Hyun Sung, who Hee Won has "stole" when they were kids. From then on, Hee Won tried to humiliate Song Yi many times, framing her in many situations that Hee Won has created herself. To get back at Hee Won, she decided to break the train that the park was launching so that Hee Won would be blamed. Little did she know that she caused more damage and that the train caught on fire. What was worse was that the son of the president of the park was in the train. Ridden with guilt, Song Yi risks her own life to save the life of Seung Joon. Seung Joon fell in love with Song Yi for her brave spirit and charming attitude, but what will happen to their relationship when Hee Won exposes to the world of what she has done? click here for more
series info :Title: It's Not Like That, Darling
Categories: drama, josei, mature, romance, supernaturalAuthor: Tomomi NagaeArtist: Tomomi NagaeChapters: 14 - completed
Maiko Ninomiya is college freshman again this year, and it's all because of an accident that put her in the hospital for half a year.Not to let the fact that she was held back a year dishearten her, she made a complete recovery. Lately, however, she's been having some erotic dreams.On top of that, after meeting novelist Yukiya Nagase, strange things keep happening!?
Series Info:
Title: Gaba Kawa.
Categories: comedy, fantasy, romance, shoujo
Author: Takada Rie .Artist: Takada Rie
Chapters: 6 - completed
Rara, a girl from the demon world, arrives on earth with only one goal in mind: To do as many bad things as possible. Sound easy, doesn’t it? It doesn’t sound as easy as it seems when Rara starts to develop feelings for a certain someone that she shouldn’t have. "Rara, don’t forget not let the human aware that you’re a demon."
the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.

comment:for the past few days lately,i watch the drama and read the mangas in the night since i had some sort of trouble for sleeping early.the drama is nice and taught me not to judge a book by its cover and also the inner beauty would appear better than only the outside for the mangas are ok,but somehow confused me in some part,and in gaba kawa there is one part that similar to bleach(lending the power thing),somehow bored me.

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latest manga i read :13

Series Info

Title: 13
OM Rank: 328
Categories: action, comedy, one shot, shounen

Author: Hideaki Sorachi

Artist: Hideaki Sorachi

Chapters: 1 - completed


Mondo Fujieda is in love with a girl named Izayo Gorugo. However, there's a problem: her family are all assassins. He ends up humiliating her and upon this humilation, she vows to kill him. Luckily for him she moves away. Years later, she comes back to seek vengeance, but what is a guy to do against a skilled assassin?

comment:the manga is funny and hilarious!i wonder if it turns into drama,i think it will be great :) love it!

The Day the Earth Stood Still ( U.S movie 2008)

The Day the Earth Stood Still is a 2008 American science fiction film, a remake of the 1951 film of the same name. The screenplay is based on the 1940 classic science fiction short story "Farewell to the Master" by Harry Bates and the 1951 screenplay adaptation by Edmund H. North. Directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, the film replaces the Cold War theme of nuclear warfare with the contemporary issue of humankind's environmental damage to the planet. It follows Klaatu, an alien who was sent to try to change human behavior or eradicate them from Earth.
The film was originally scheduled for release on May 9, 2008 but was released on a roll-out schedule beginning December 12, 2008, screening in both conventional and IMAX theaters.[2][3] The critical reviews were mixed; typically the film was found to be "heavy on special effects, but without a coherent story at its base."[4] During its opening week the film took top spot at the U.S. box office and has since grossed over $230 million worldwide. The Day the Earth Stood Still was released on home video on April 7, here for more.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment : i just finished watching the movie on dvd today,but unfortunately the story was like beyond my expectation,its like after i watched it my reaction would be like ;'what?what was that just now?is it finish already?so easy ?and many questions still hanging in my mind.the idea was ok but the story line is chemistry no lesson,nothing i could learn at all.just boring alien movie. i was thinking keanu would make a great enjoyable movie along with jennifer connely but apparently just another waste of time movie for me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

naruto update:manga chapter.467 :the declaration of war,anime 129-130

short synopsis :The origin of the current Tailed Beasts is that they are born from a single Ten-Tails. Temari or Kankurou: "Shouldn't there be only nine Tailed Beasts?"
Madara: Long ago, the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the Ten-Tails, but because the beast's power was so great, the Sage put the demonic power inside his own body, making himself a jinchuuriki. Then, he created the moon and sealed the Ten-Tails' body there. (the story was much longer, but I can't remember the rest) Then, as his own death approached, he divided the power into nine pieces...
Madara: "[My goal is to] revive the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuuriki, project an infinite Tsukuyomi on the Moon, and so rule all of mankind, thus I will create a world without strife."
Mizukage: "This world has no place for such a dream or hope"
Madara: "Right now, it's neither hope nor anything. Hurry up and hand over the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails."
it seems the nine Bijuu stem from a single Ten-Tailed Beast
The Rikudou saved the Earth from this beast by sealing its power inside himself and sealing its body in the moon.
for complete info for the chapter,click here

anime 129-130: the infiltration by jiraiya in the hidden rain village,but somehow noticed by pain and konan.they started to fight.oh no it will be sad end for jiraiya in the next few episodes(T^T)

comment: im so excited with this! finally naruto and sakura are back in the chapter and the conclusion has draw near for everything!yay...(^O^)!!

bleach ch.377,tsubasa r.c ch.232.5(end) and h.s.d kenichi ch.355

bleach chapter 377:aizen versus the vizards,and finally one of the vizards killed by one of aizen's men,the ex-captain of shinigami.

tsubasa reservoir chronicles chapter 232.5/epilogue
: the last story after the hard journeys of sakura and syaoran.although they're not united yet since syaoran need to go through the same journey to pay his price,but sakura will be patiently waiting since they knew they love each other.ohh how sweet..\(^_^)/. click here to read the manga.

history's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 355: tanimoto still fight the other disciple of his sensei's friend.the same techniques and higher power quality from the opponent made him think the trick oand the spirit of kenichi and finally he manage to beat him.inspired by...seem so familiar these days.nice..
click here to read the manga

comment: finally tsubasa is finished after im waiting for the next one to finish,is it naruto,bleach,etc but seems will take more time...(*_*)!!

stab me at the back please!if u dare

i cant count anymore how many times the disappointment i felt towards someone who used to be so close to me.the story has been revealed a long time ago and yet didn't cease to make her understand what happened until she came to a decision to made that bastard as a friend again.

if she really count or atleast appreciate me as her friend,she might think twice to do such thing to me.the pain i felt from that person torturing me for like 1year would never go away for the rest of my,i dont care anymore what she will think of me since she couldn't care less about how i feel all along.i m tired being the good one,the kind one who always be the one 'begging' for her kindness even only just to talk to me as a friend.enough now,i will not talk or ask anymore,i promise myself that.i hate this feeling but i couldn't help it but to let it all out.what does she think of me anyway. its just sucks!
based on someone's comment, i might have to revealed a slight clue about why i didn't like her to make friend with him.he was terrorizing me while i was working on my project for her.i intended to help her with the work (that he abandoned before),but after he saw i've done a better care and responsibility over him on the project,he couldn't accept it and start annoying me and tried to make me give up the job out of fear. i could never forget how terrible it was,and left me with a deep scar in my mind abt him for a long time.and without feeling guilty or even apologize for what he's done, he want to made friend with me in one friendly site.i refused him directly since the level of trust is,no matter how i see it in every different angle,its just unacceptable,since i was suffered because of him before for her sake that time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

shoujo manga : hanatsuki hime

Series Info

Title: Hanatsuki Hime
OM Rank: 353
Categories: fantasy, historical, romance, shoujo, supernatural

Author: Hibiki Wataru

Artist: Hibiki Wataru

Chapters: 9 - completed


When Lys was born, her heart did not beat at all. To save her, her mother made a contract with a devil: Lys can borrow his heart until the day she turns 16, but after that, he will eat her body. Together with her companion, Siva, someone she met by chance on the desert at night, she travels around as a dancer girl to find the devil who sealed her fate. One day, while they were traveling, they suddenly meet an egoistic prince and a ring spirit...A Thousand and One Nights romance between the devil and the young girl.

comment: after reading this manga,somehow reminded me of 'hana to akuma' and'vampire knight' characters.about devil and vampire with their fangs and dark backgrounds.but this one is too short and a bit plain compare to those two i've mentioned earlier.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Naruto Shippuuden the Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire

Naruto Shippuuden the Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire
Naruto Shippuuden: The Will of Fire Still Burns (movie 3)
Japanese Theatrical Release Date
August 1, 2009
Japanese dvd release date
Projected to be April 2010
About The Movie
Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire (劇場版 NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 火の意志を継ぐ者 ,Gekijōban Naruto Shippūden Hi no Ishi o Tsugu Mono) is the sixth overall Naruto film and third Naruto: Shippūden film, based on the popular anime and manga series, which is to be released August 1st 2009. It was revealed on the Naruto 10th Anniversary site and the teaser was shown along the preview of The Three-Tails Arrival anime arc. The official website of the Naruto: Shippūden anime has put up the promotional video of the film. The teaser trailer shows the Konoha 11 (with Sai) battling a huge creature.
comment:i must patiently waiting until the eng-subbed version of this movie release nextyear to watch (T^T)...but there is no other way..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

bleach movie 3 : fade to black

Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name (BLEACH Fade to Black 君の名を呼ぶ, Burichi: Fade to Black - Kimi no Na o Yobu?), the third film, is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 13, 2008. This film's screenplay was written by Natsuko Takahashi, who is a screenwriter for the anime series. The official film website gives the tagline of "Sayonara, Rukia". According to the official website, the plot involves Soul Society members being struck with amnesia, causing them to be hostile towards Ichigo and Rukia. For the film, the band Porno Graffiti will perform the song "Koyoi, Tsuki wa Miesu tomo".
synopsis :Fade to Black. Kimi no na o yabu Enemy's sickle that,for some reason, attacked SS, stole Rukia's heart while she was watching the incident from the distance. Kurosaki Ichigo,substitute shinigami feels what happened and,thanks to Urahara,he goes to SS along with Kon. They found SS in chaos. When he arrived,Renji greets him,but he doesn't remember Ichigo. Suddely,strange beings attack Ichigo,who transforms into vizard to fight the,but because of that,he's accused to be the culprit,and SS commander ordered to catch him and execute him. Ichigo tries to ask where is Rukia,but nobody remembers her. Kon wandered around SS looking for Rukia,but can't find her. She disappeared as well. When Ichigo realized what happened to Rukia,it was too late.He was being catched by captains. Memories od suffering and sadness overcome his heart. He remembered when he saved Rukia,and that she was always by his side,but now,she and her heart are lost. In an attempt to run away,Ichigo sees Rukia far away,and he call out her name. Rukia forgot everyone's affection..Ichigo's affection..she has no heart. Substitute Shinigami's battle begins,not only against SS...agains his heart, cuz the new enemy has Rukia's heart and Ichigo must take it back. Battle at SS and at confused world is about to start. Rukia is being controlled by a weird feeling. With her sword and her reiatsu,she leads a new army.

Yes, I know, the translation's pretty shoddy but it's better than nothing. You can find some screencaps of the trailer in the forum I linked to above. Meanwhile here's the poster, and I'll post the trailer as soon as I can find it.from here
the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment: downloading now,thanks to dattebayo!(^_^) i'll add the comment later,im excited very much since its rukia! my fave character.cheers
after watching : honto ni sugoi!!!! 2thumbs up! more interesting than naruto shippuuden movie :bond/ this very much\(^O^)/

Friday, October 2, 2009

newest manga reading :koko ni iru yo!

Series Info

Title: Koko ni Iru Yo!
OM Rank: 324
Categories: romance, school life, shoujo

Author: Tooyama Ema

Artist: Tooyama Ema

Chapters: 19 - completed


Hikage is a reclusive 8th grader who no one seems to notice. She finds comfort in her blog, and the the people who comment on it. Everything changes one day when two cute boys notice her. These boys are the most popular kids in the entire school. When one of them tells her something that she's always wanted to hear, she might not be as invisible as she thought...

comment:its sweet story,kinda remind me of myself backthen(^_^) and its finish in chapter 19 so i dont have to wait long time as other shonen manga like naruto or bleach.

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tsubasa r.c chapter 232,bleach chapter 376,kenichi chapter 354

tsubasa r.c : 232 : the world of beginnings. the end of the journey of syaoran and sakura after the long battle with fei wong not so sure that it's the end of real end or just another chapter before continuing the last pieces of the story for all the character.

click here for online manga reading.

bleach : 376 : hallibel try to fight aizen back although she eventually failed and died in his hand. and as the final stage of the fight between aizen with the soul society will abt to begin.all espadas were out.

history's strongest disciple kenichi:354 :death match.the fight between ma sougetsu's disciple,tanimoto and rojisei's disciple to determine who's stronger than who and become the member of yomi and true disciple of ma sougetsu(one of the nine shadow fist)
click here for online manga reading

comment: all other were nice but bleach, i just dont see ichigo like for ages already since the battle between soul society's captain+vizards and espadas

naruto update :manga chapter 466

synopsis :466: The great battle behind closed doors!!(from naruto spoilers blog)

The Mizukage leaves her seat: "At least, I will give you a kiss that will melt your heart"
Karin snaps
Choujuurou: "If I don't protect the Mizukage, it will mean inevitable death"
The Mizukage prepares for battle, her right cheek swelling up
The Tsuchikage and Akatsuchi are clinging to the ceiling, seemingly trying to avoid getting involved in the battle
Mizukage: "Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique²!!" She spits out a liquid
Sasuke uses Susanoo to dodge, but Choujuurou unleashes an attack with Hiramekarei
Sasuke is driven unto the wall
Sasuke used up a considerable amount of chakra with his overuse of Susanoo
The Mizukage manages to raise a closed-off room. (Only the Mizukage and Sasuke are inside)
The Mizukage can use the Fire, Water, and Earth natures
That is why she has two kekkei genkai
The Mizukage forms hand-seals: "Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique³!!"
Karin and the rest cannot see what is happening in the fight
The Susanoo is unravelling and Sasuke is coughing up blood
Karin can sense his chakra fading
The Mizukage says something like "Seeing a good-looking man break down and crumble breaks my heart~~"
From the Mizukage, Choujuurou, the Tsuchikage, and Akatsuchi comes a sound like 'zuzuzu'... White Zetsu
It seems like some sort of timed formula that Zetsu uses to suck up everyone's chakra
Sasuke is struck by an attack and is recovered by the chakra
He uses Susanoo to break down the closed room and [go back into] the conference room (to Karin's location)
Without seeing anything, the Tsuchikage uses "Earth Release: Aggravated Rock Technique!!"

The Tsuchikage undoes Zetsu's chakra absorbing technique
Tsuchikage: "This guy was the one who Deidara..." Sasuke's left eye hurts
Tsuchikage: "I don't feel bitter, but... Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique**!!"
The attack should have hit him completely, but...

Madara appears, carrying Sasuke on his shoulder.
Madara: "I should explain things for you a bit... Once you understand, I would like to ask you something"
Raikage: "What!?"
Madara: "It's about my goal, the Eye of the Moon Plan"

¹ There's a pun here. The Mizukage uses the word とろける (torokeru) which means 'to be enchanted with,' but sounds a lot like the word 溶ける (tokeru) which means 'to melt'. The kanji that can be used to write torokeru (盪, 蕩) also have the additional meaning 'to melt'. The word she uses for 'at least' (せめて, semete) is pronounced the same as 攻め手 (offence, method of attack).
² Youton: Youkai no Jutsu (溶遁・溶怪の術). This name seems to combine the words 溶解 (dissolution) and 妖怪 (apparition, demon), both pronounced as 'youkai'.
³ Futton: Koumu no Jutsu (沸遁・巧霧の術)
* Doton: Kajuugan no Jutsu (土遁・加重岩の術)
** Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu (塵遁・原界剥離の術)

comment:another sasuke's chapter,no appearance of naruto at all (T^T).so damn angry...and sad