Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the jackal(movie 1997),the poet (movie 2007)

synopsis :Russian mobster Terek Murad has declared open season on the Russian militia and the FBI over the shooting of his brother in a Moscow nightclub. He hires the Jackal, a nasty assassin whom nobody has even seen, to kill the Director of the FBI. With nowhere else to turn (except a woman who used to work with the Basque separatists, who is now in the USA but whose exact whereabouts in unknown to all save Mulqueen), FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston (who was present at the Moscow shooting) and Major Valentina Koslova of the Russian milita (who pulled the trigger in that shooting) enlist the reluctant services of Declan Mulqueen, an imprisoned IRA sniper, to track the Jackal down, for Declan is the only other person who can positively identify the Jackal.

comment: i watched this on the local television until late and pass midnight,the story is great and the commercials break also very long, bruce willis is so mean in this movie as the hitman, and richard gere also great as the opponent from government's agent.

:At the dawn of World War 2, a Rabbi's daughter and a disenchanted German soldier fall in love and are separated by the war. They struggle on a perilous journey to find one another.

the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment:i've watched this a couple days ago,and after finished i got a little bored.its all about nazi and jew as 'the pianist' and 'hitler',but this one is surely in lower quality than those two. actually i dislike this kind of story,ok i know nazi was cruel and jew was the victim,and the love story was not so great,less dramatic.i was stressed out watching it.

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