Wednesday, October 28, 2009

naruto update : manga chapter 469

Summary chapter 469:naruto turned down sakura
-kisame and killerbee start for the fighting.....

-some kage's assistants try to find where danzou is by the scent,and danzou's men try to trick them.danzou want to take the byakugan eyes from Ao.

-the chat between kages about danzou and the alliance.


Naruto: "Wha..?! What did you just say, Sakura-chan?! I think I misheard you, say it again."
Sakura: "As I said, Naruto, I like/love you! Sasuke-kun doesn't mean anything to me any more! I don't know why I could love anyone like him... I'm confessing to you here, so listen to me."
Naruto: "But why...? How come...? If you're joking, then this isn't funny at all... Sakura-chan.... Just... What the hell happened[to you]...?"
Sakura: "Nothing, really... I just opened my eyes... I don't need to love someone who is a missing-nin and a criminal, do I? I'm not going to be a child forever. I'm going to look reality in the eye."

Sakura: "So, Naruto... I don't need your promise any more. Won't you stop chasing Sasuke...?"

Yamato: "What is..."
Kakashi stops him

Naruto: "What happened[to you], Sakura-chan? Why did you so suddenly change your opinion of me..."
Sakura: "I'm telling you, I don't need it any more! I've fallen in love with you, with all my heart, that's why."
Naruto recalls a scene where/when Sakura loved Sasuke.
Sakura hugs Naruto.
Kakashi: "Sakura, are you..."
Sakura: "I've just grown apart from Sasuke-kun... But you've always been at my side, Naruto. You cheered me on... I've realized... how you really are. You're a hero who protected the village. Everyone in the villages loves you now.... I've just become one of them... You were that mischievous dead-last... but little by little you've grown lovely and handsome... You were close to me so I saw it. But Sasuke-kun keeps committing crimes... It just breaks my heart... He's just become someone distant to me."
Naruto: "..."

Sakura: "But Naruto... When I can touch you like this... I feel at peace... I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart..."

Naruto: "Cut the bullshit, Sakura-chan... I told you I can't laugh at a joke like that."

Sakura: "What're you angry for...? I've just gotten over Sasuke-kun, that's all. A woman's heart is a strange thing, isn't it."(<--- Unsure about this line)
Naruto: "I... I hate people who'd lie to themselves!" The end.

comment :naruto u r stupid ?and sakura r u telling him the truth ?or is it just because of the dscussion earlier that have made ino cried?damn im pissed after knowing this.(*_*)!!pls stop the hypocracy!

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