Thursday, October 15, 2009

naruto update:manga ch.468:kisame vs killer bee

synopsis chapter 468 :Madara leaves the battlefield
The six countries form an alliance (The Iron Country also participates)
As supreme commander of the alliance, Gaara recommends Hatake Kakashi
The Tsuchikage and Raikage agree
The Tsuchikage wonders "Should we make the jinchūriki fight at the front-most lines?"
Raikage: "I don't know what Bee would do"
Gaara: "The same goes for Uzumaki Naruto"
They discuss that the two should be restricted and guarded.
The Kage discuss how they lost their faith in Danzō after he deserted them
The Raikage signs a document making Danzō loose his standing wherever he is known
Chōjūrō talks about Kisame
"Kisame-san has the ability to merge/unite? with his sword Samehada and turn into a monster. His power is like the Tailed Beasts, excluding the Nine-Tails. That's why all my senpai feared him."
Bee is studying enka under Sabu-chan

Sakura arrives at Naruto's location and goes to have a talk with him...
Kisame arrives at Bee's location
Next time: Bee VS Kisame
It ends with this. No less than three parts show us Naruto's thoughts
And the second spoiler:
I also somehow thought of Kakashi, but the Tsuchikage feels something like "The White Fang's son... I wonder if he has enough experience".
Black Zetsu picks up White Zetsu
Kisame finds Suba-chan and co rapping. Apparently suba-chan might possibly be strong as well.
Sakura, Kiba, Lee and Sai approach Naruto, who's on the roof meditating in Sage Mode.
Kurotsuchi picks white Zetsu up.
Sub-chan is enthusiastic and passionate.
Sabu-chan's dog finds Kisame and they prepare for battle.
Naruto is on the roof is concentrating in Sennin Mode. Also there now are Kiba, Lee, Sakura, and Sai.
Perhaps master Sub-can is strong?
Clarification on Kisame line:
His power is like that of a Tailed Beast, but he's not as powerful as the Nine-Tails
Gaara says something like "After this, we'll start negotiations"
Perhaps he'll refuse, there is that possibility. After that, there might be Shikamaru
6 Countries alliance is formed including Iron Country. Gaara suggest Kakashi as their leader. Kirabi trains under Sub-chan sensei when Kisame arrives -> cliffhanger.
tsuchi and raikage agree for kakashi
raikage decides if they tell the village about danzou he will lose his standing there and as he ahs with the kages
Hirame (?) meets kisame and says if he fuses his body with his sword he would be able to fight kyuubi
Sakura arrives to naruto ready to talk with him
Bee is training in enka (the old japanese music)

anime eps 131: jiraiya start fighting pain,but he got troubled by pain's ability..omg i cant imagine whats next since i knew it will be sad...

comment:now, its getting more interesting, since sasuke will be out of the picture for a while, kisame and killerbee fighting will be awesome!cant wait to see what next..:),ut noooo,no chapter nextweek :( . and yes there is anime ep this week.

-history's strongest disciple kenichi: the festival,tanimoto fulfilled his promise to honoka,but will he become the member of yomi?have to wait until nextweek. actually i dont like the scanlation results,since many part of the manga is blurred so much and erased in so many ways.clear yes,but its just not as the original anymore.

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