Wednesday, October 21, 2009

no naruto manga this week! ,kenichi chp.357

sadly for the narutard like me,ther will be no manga chapter 469 this week, well im also disappointed since the story is very interesting.what will sakura say to naruto?will killerbee be beaten by kisame ? how the kages move?and off course danzo and madara/tobi acts.wait patiently like i do until nextweek.but as for the anime i think it will be out this week. and yes it is out! anime eps 132, its the presence of six paths of so sad knowing that jiraiya soon will be gone...T^T

history 's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 357: the doubt about tanimoto's status in yomi, but kenichi's curiosity thought has been calmed down by one of his sensei.'people doesn't change that easily,believe in him..... '

bleach ch.379:fight between ichigo and yomi the espada.the appearance of byakuya and the other captain.

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