Saturday, October 17, 2009

one day out of the blue..the f word dropped by

just a few minutes ago,i checked out my email account to see if there is any new email in my inbox. and yes there was, and marvelously amazing or i would say shocking email. she said the 'f' word! oh my God!.never in my life i heard or read that such nasty word except from my lovely ex-boss who lost control and blaming me just because her superior mad at her too,i complained to her and told her that she wasn't suppose to do that,she didn't have the right on purposely hurting other people and made them as the revenge victim just because she got yelled.

some people just need to learn some anger management,since the mature behavior just couldn't be judged from the age only.from her i learn some lesson and yet it made comfortable to be the one who understand her side all the tires me up.actually im also kind of impatient person,and never try to hide what i feel when i get angry,irritated or annoyed.but i would never say such thing to other people no matter how mad i am.i always think and re-think the outcome of every words i said. maybe i will do some shocking action without saying anything but all of that is only for warning to behave better.and when i say some criticism,some people just couldn't take it whether it because i sounded harsh or the fact that they couldn't take the truth or criticism itself by thinking themselves the right ones.

now,the same thing goes for this lady i met in one forum.she had sent me 2 messages with nasty words,and showed her true color.i was very very mad but i realize she wouldn't listen anyway,so i put a little better words but instead make her learn her position,she attacked again,then i just shake my head and smile,i ignore the childish her. i hardly knew her and i just simply commented on her thread and try softly advice her to act better than just saying unnecessary things.she's 14 years older than me,and claimed herself to be a famous journalist in one country somewhere in south America.but from what i see and read,then learned for sometimes now, i realize and honestly i doubted she is as what she told.

in my point of view,the people who works and live in the magazine or newspaper thing would be a far more ahead and wide minded person whom the skills,the brains and the knowledge will be the great asset for the company and their readers in society. but unfortunately for me this person didn't show this kind of personality judging from her words and how she dealt with other people in the forum,and shamelessly attacking them but claiming herself as the victim.then i realize she was just like a 10 years old nephew of mine who wouldn't listen when he made mistakes but rather start going crazy and mess everything up.

why the hell are this kind of people exist?i wonder what kind of way to deal and to make them realize and think better,do better,treat better to other people.

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