Thursday, October 8, 2009

bleach ch.377,tsubasa r.c ch.232.5(end) and h.s.d kenichi ch.355

bleach chapter 377:aizen versus the vizards,and finally one of the vizards killed by one of aizen's men,the ex-captain of shinigami.

tsubasa reservoir chronicles chapter 232.5/epilogue
: the last story after the hard journeys of sakura and syaoran.although they're not united yet since syaoran need to go through the same journey to pay his price,but sakura will be patiently waiting since they knew they love each other.ohh how sweet..\(^_^)/. click here to read the manga.

history's strongest disciple kenichi chapter 355: tanimoto still fight the other disciple of his sensei's friend.the same techniques and higher power quality from the opponent made him think the trick oand the spirit of kenichi and finally he manage to beat him.inspired by...seem so familiar these days.nice..
click here to read the manga

comment: finally tsubasa is finished after im waiting for the next one to finish,is it naruto,bleach,etc but seems will take more time...(*_*)!!

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