Thursday, October 1, 2009

tsubasa r.c chapter 232,bleach chapter 376,kenichi chapter 354

tsubasa r.c : 232 : the world of beginnings. the end of the journey of syaoran and sakura after the long battle with fei wong not so sure that it's the end of real end or just another chapter before continuing the last pieces of the story for all the character.

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bleach : 376 : hallibel try to fight aizen back although she eventually failed and died in his hand. and as the final stage of the fight between aizen with the soul society will abt to begin.all espadas were out.

history's strongest disciple kenichi:354 :death match.the fight between ma sougetsu's disciple,tanimoto and rojisei's disciple to determine who's stronger than who and become the member of yomi and true disciple of ma sougetsu(one of the nine shadow fist)
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comment: all other were nice but bleach, i just dont see ichigo like for ages already since the battle between soul society's captain+vizards and espadas

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