Monday, November 2, 2009

for those who were sleeping in peace for eternity

a couple of days lately,i've been receiving some sad news from people around me.and somehow it has a great effect toward my mood and my mind.

one of my friend in my favorite forum has passed away or atleast that was the news from some other friend who told me.she's been fighting her whole life to try to survive againts cancer,but unfortunately she couldn't managed and in the end she lost her life.she was a very cheerful and nice person, and everybody loves her.she was still very young,19 yearsold but God has another plan fro her.Goodbye smoky/sam,may your soul rest in peace.

today, i witnessed with my own eyes how one soul has been taken by the angel of death after struggling in pain and the sickness which faithfully accompanied this old man for years.he's one of my hubby's neighbor who lived for almost 86 yearsold.his wife had patiently watched until the last moment when everyone in the same room has shed their tears when he's gone.she was helplessly saw and cried silently in her wheelchair for all the power she has none left due to her old age.i admired and in the same time felt sorry for her.may God blessed him with the best place in heaven,and the family would be strong and tough dealing with this destiny.

actually one day before,i have finished reading one manga abt forbidden love between an immortal wolf and a human girl.they love each other until in the end,the girl left him due to her faith as human who didn't live long as him.the wolf stay in the cherry blossomed tree that she loved and reminiscing her.

im fully aware by watching those occured before my eyes, God has given me a great examples about life and death,that we once born,live and will eventually matter how young or old, no matter how much we love this world,we will leave it someday.God, please bless me with Your one and true love,so that i would be forever in your guidance til death take me to You.Amiin

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