Tuesday, November 10, 2009

naruto update :manga ch.471 kisame vs killerbee

synopsis :
Sabu: "The sword changed..."
Samehada: "Gigigigigi"
Killer Bee: "Oh? Hoshigaki Kisame... you say"
Killer bee puts his finger in his mouth and writes the name in a book.
Kisame: "There's ink coming from his mouth...... The rumours were right, he is an octopus guy."
Killer Bee: "He's gonna make you cry in sorrow! This octopus guy! Wiiiiiii!!"

The Tailed Beast cloak goes up to seven tails

Sabu: "The Tailed Beast form... There are seven chakra tails...! Bee is serious!"

Killer Bee: "Did you know?"
Kisame: "What?"
Killer Bee attacks Kisame with a sword in one hand
Killer Bee: "Octopi eat sharks!"
Samehada avoids Killer Bee's assault
(Kisame just set up Samehada, but Samehada is moving on its own, avoiding the attack)

Sabu: "The sword dodged!" click here for the rest.

comment :its so boring,after the special moment of naruto and sakura in 468,the next chapter are super plain and boring,i mean its like after waiting what will happen in ch.469, finished reading it then what?!? thats it?!? it didn't answer a single question in my mind and now up to another fight between the wierdos,kisame and killerbee..*sigh* a real boys club and no room for romantic life ..

-history's strongest disciple kenichi 360 :the struggle for the excellent swords
about total direct confrontation between ryozanpaku and yami,but one of kenichi's master have to deal with 4 members of yami, its interesting to see what kenichi will do and also shigure.

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