Wednesday, November 25, 2009

naruto update :manga ch.473 kisame died

naruto manga chapter.473 : kisame died
A simple one.
Kisame went berserk and used the Hachibi's chakra and was found by Raikage and co.
He gets hit with a Double Lariat from the brothers and is decapitated and dies. (Not sure about the decapitation but he does die)
Ao is caught by the Mizukage and pretends to be an ally at first but is found out by Mizukage right away.
She hits him in the face and brings him back to his senses.
It ends with Sai trying to tell Naruto the things that Sakura couldn't.
history's strongest disciple kenichi ch .362 :and a hero come along

fight between ryozanpaku and armed division of yomi, ki betrayed his allies after shigure offers him a new sword if he helps kenichi.

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