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naruto update : naruto chapter 470

Naruto's exasperation toward Sakura's confession!!
470: Killer Bee Vs Kisame!!
Kakashi, Yamato, Lee, and Kiba in silence, as the snow is falling
Sakura: I...are you saying I'm lying to myself?
Naruto with an ambiguous face: ...
Sakura: You have to decide what your true feelings are!! If you hate me then be straightforward about it!! Don't make selfish excuses.
Interrupting Sakura while talking, Naruto: That's why it's strange! To say something like that, and to say it here!
Sakura: that!?
Sakura talking on and on: That something--a girl's confession--do you think this is something to take lightly!?And to say it here!?I came all the way here for that!
You and Sasuke, Sasuke, it's always you chasing after Sasuke and getting yourself into danger.
As the Jinchuuriki of the 9-tails, you're a target of Akatsuki! Why don't you worry a bit for yourself! You know, I...I'm saying it would be better if you stop getting into trouble and quit chasing after Sasuke.I came here to tell you I'd like for you to return to the village now. That's it.
Naruto: I don't hear anything but painful excuses.
Sakura: That's what I don't understand! I don't have feelings anymore for the criminal that Sasuke's become.
Naruto: It's not a matter of this promise.
Naruto, whose eye line is dropping: It's about Sasuke wanting to violently take's something I understand, even if just a little...
Kakashi: ...
Naruto: Sasuke loved his family and his clan...if anyone wounded that love, I don't think I could forgive them.
Kiba: If that's the case, why then after defeating Itachi, is Sasuke supporting Akatsuki?
Naruto: It's not like that...he really---
Kakashi: Naruto!
Naruto: !
Sakura: ?
Kiba, Lee: !!
Naruto remembers a conversation with Yamato & Kakashi
(Don't mind what Madara said. For the time being, we'll keep what he said to us. We want to avoid unnecessary conflict. Moreover, until we can find proof to what he said, we can't trust him. To believe that Itachi was used by the uppers in Konoha to kill the Uchiha clan...)
Naruto: Even if that promise to Sakura is gone, it doesn't matter.
Sakura: !
Naruto: I've been thinking that I, myself want to save Sasuke.
Sakura with her eyebrow's raised: ...
Sai watches in silence
the rest is about sakura, kiba and other planning on going after sasuke without naruto,and about the kages plan on protecting the 8 and 9tails jinchuriiki.also the fight between killer bee and kisame started, kisame's sword samehada new form.

comment :i get and get more disappointed,but somehow i knew this would happen.*sigh* i bet next week will be all or more about the fighting between kisame and killerbee and nothing about konoha's team.*sigh* boring.i guess i cant just hope to see more romance anyway.
note : narusaku pic by me.

history's strongest disciple kenichi 359: the infiltration from yomi gang started! to steal the swords,kenichi met 2 of the yomi's senseis.

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