Thursday, November 12, 2009

4. signze knight journey a.k.a pendekar dalil : part1

i made this especially for all the muslims in the whole universe,to know what is the basic guidance for life in this religion.
the true guidance in life for us are none other than the great holy Alqur'an and Alhadits. the knowledge that we must truly seek for our life, ordered by God were only 3 kinds of knowledge,

1.based on Alqur'an, the holy book that Alloh SWT has blessed the prophet muhammad for his followers and all humans in this entire world,even the universe.contain of 3 basic things for learning : orders and obligations, stories, and the last is the forbidden rules to follow straight from mighty God.
-orders and obligations :what we should do in this religion as the true believer and pray for the mercy and love from God.
-stories : the whole stories inside Alqur'an are the stories from the past,present and the future, the prophecies of the destinies of all living creatures.we can learn and comprehend better and also take it as some suggestions or advices for living our life.
-the forbidden rules :what we should avoid throughout our life so that we won't get any punishment and sins in God eyes,truly surrender ourself and live carefully.basicly just watch yourstep,since all the forbidden rules are for our own good.

2. based on Alhadits : this are the stories how our great prophet lived his life to guide us the proper way to pray and worship God.its more like explaining in a better and complete way from the Alqur'an.what should and shouldn't we do.

3. based on Faro'id(this is include in Alqur'an and Alhadits) : the knowledge how to properly divide the legacy of the dead person for his/her family.its the most fair way without causing any more problems among the family member.since sometimes for some people trying to take all the legacy has drawn them to do something worst.

care to learn for more,just ask me.

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