Friday, December 4, 2009

naruto update : manga ch.474, and hsd kenichi ch.363,bleach ch.384

naruto manga chapter.474 : prepared to act as a hokage

sai revealed all the truth of sakura's intention behind her confession.and also all other things,then gaara came up and said he will protect naruto with his life and demand naruto to do the right thing.madara come face to face with danzou,while danzou revealed his right here to read.

history's strongest disciple kenichi ch.363 :local battle

the fight between ryozanpaku's masters and their opponent, and as pedicted they win easily.but i love the way master ma defeated them :P so sexy... click here to read.

bleach manga chapter.384 :cant fear your own sword

the fight between aizen's men,tosen with his former teammate. click here to read.

comment: all about fighting,but the lamest was naruto this very deeply disappointed with the story.

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