Friday, December 25, 2009

naruto update :manga ch.477 itachi appeared! ,hsd kenichi ch.365,bleach ch.387(updated)

naruto manga ch.477 : dont say itachi

still the fight between sasuke and danzou,the secret jutsu of danzou is in his full of sharingan's hand,
and the most shocking thing is the appearance of itachi! yay!i cant wait for the next and download the new chapter in

history's strongest disciple kenichi ch.365 :kushinada's juujutsu
chikage's teacher start to fight with ryozanpaku's masters sakaki and shigure.both of them amazed with her ability,kenichi tried to convince chikage to his side but kushinada get on her in a hurry and took her away.and old man of ryozanpaku is hiding something since he broke the cellphone..

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bleach ch.387 :ignited
the death of tosen,and the fight betwen aizen with the leader of vizard, and what makes me curious is ichigo arrived in the last page,so its gonna be here to read.

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