Sunday, December 13, 2009

queen seon duk (korean drama 2009)

synopsis : King Jinpyeong did not have any sons to name as a successor to his throne. Thus he named his daughter, Princess Duk Man, to be his successor. The drama will be about the life of Princess Duk Man who was later known as Queen Seon Duk, the first Queen of here for more info.the link is the original source of the synopsis article,I just want to share it with the reader aside to my personal comment.
comment : i know its a good drama,but i dont know i still dont have the will to watch since as i can predict this drama would be no different than any other similar drama such as hwang jin i,iljimae,painter of the wind and dae jang was so frustrating and tired watching them and i know very well that this will have no happy ending just like the rest of the dramas i mention earlier except for jang i dont know.lets see, coz for now i definitely dont want to watch it yet due to long episodes and tough storyline to follow.

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