Friday, January 29, 2010

bleach 390:beyond the death understanding,and other

bleach chapter 390: beyond the death understanding

hitsugaya and one other captain tried to take the initiative to attack aizen first but gin told them if they were trying to measure his/aizen's power,they all made mistake of taking him so lightly. atleast this is what i expected in one shonen manga,to have the biggest villain master as the toughest enemy can be for everyone and nonetheless for ichigo as the main protagonist.i couldn't imagine how he will beat aizen,although who knows suddenly he came up with a surprise hollowfication as when he dealt with ulquiorra.and atleast its not as lame as naruto lately who already been found out who is the main problem and its weak old geezer who only smart in manipulating people and watch them fight for him.oh c'mon young versus old is boring.
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i also read and follow many other manga which i've given the info here before such as : vampire knight,hapi mari,watashi ni xx shinasai,kyou koi wa hajimemasu,hana to akuma,dengeki daisy, faster than a kiss,etc.

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