Thursday, January 28, 2010

the life full of surprise lately...

its been months that i feel like im really tired and bored,especially with those unexpected things that has been happening in a few months lately.

most of the experience was somehow sadden me so much and also put myself into a blank moment for sometimes now.its like im losing it,i dont know what to do and im so confuse.yea i realize that things will not always go as i want and plan it to be,but atleast this kind of things weren't as bad as i saw recently.some bonds has been broken over some misunderstanding, some faiths has been dissolve over one side decision and some trusts has been violated over the hypocracy shown in front of me.

and i,myself wasn't in a very good state at the moment either since i've been drawn in despair of unconfident feeling over everything and scared of my own mind.its like a troublesome to see a clear blue sky,mostly only the cloudy day hanging over my head.

sometimes im just sick of them,sick of myself and sick of the situation.yea i also know shit happens,but i wish nothing for this to happen in a row.Please God help me,only You and no other.goes to search my old self.

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