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naruto update :manga ch.479.sasuke vs danzou what else

Sasuke coughing blood: Gah
Karin: !! (Sasuke!!)
Karin (This is crazy! The only thing I can do now is figure out what Danzou's jutsu is!)
Danzou rushes toward Susano'o.
479: Izanagi
Susano'o arms an arrow.
Sasuke: Uohhhh!!
How will they defeat the greatest forbidden genjutsu...!?
The arrow penetrates Danzou.
Madara (Izanagi- in just a small amount of time)
Danzou coughs blood.
Madara (Anything used against the jutsu's user, including damage and even death, is able to be changed into but a vision of a dream-)
Danzou: Fuuton Shinkuudaigyoku [Wind Release: Great Vacuum Sphere]
A ball of air is shot at Susano'o.
Susano'o blocks the attack with a shield.
Sasuke: Ha-ha- (*panting sfx)
Madara (Not only that, but it's a genjutsu capable of allowing the user to attack to the user's advantage. It controls the eyelet of illusion and reality. It is the ultimate genjutsu that can be activated on the user!! ...also...using Izanagi means eliminating the light its eye. It will never open again...)
One eye on Danzou's right arm closes.
Danzou checks the Sharingan on his arm.
Madara (Hm...those number of eyes...the effective time of Izanagi seems to differ individually...there's no doubt that Orochimaru experimented on this in order to forcibly prolong that.)
Karin is watching Danzou.
Danzou (Madara...doesn't seem like he is able to participate in his state...but I must reserve some energy to compete with him...the right eye I used at the meeting hasn't restored itself yet and will take more time...however...that "Susano'o"...I can't take it lightly. That arrow attack is difficult to dodge...I can't let them figure out how Izanagi works...I have 5 left...I need to finish this soon...we'll see in this next minute...)
Danzou: Kuchiyose no Jutsu [Summoning Jutsu]
Danzou's summon is a Tapir (Baku)
Baku appears and starts to suck everything in.
Sasuke endures it.
Madara (This summon...a tapir (baku) huh...a monster that eats's much bigger that I imagined.)
Danzou is facing Sasuke's back (with some distance between them)
Sasuke: !!
Danzou (With this, even Susano'o won't be able to move...and using the tapir's suction, I can amplify this attack-)
Danzou: Fuuton Shinkuu Renpa [Wind Release Vacuum Group Rend*]
[*the words 連破 means "winning successively" -- could be a pun, but it sounded weird to translate the move as such, so I broke each kanji component down even though I know it still sounds weird]
Susano's turns around and takes the blast.
Danzou (Here it is...Susano'o's opening!)
Danzou runs toward Susano'o.
Sasuke's mouth expands: Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu!!! [Fire Release Great Fireball Technique]
The tapir sucks in the fireball.
While inhaling, the tapir sucks in even fire.
Danzou: !
Susano'o punches Danzou.
Madara (Fire release huh...he used the wind that was sucked in to his advantage...Sasuke)
カリン(56 57 58 59…   60)
Karin (56 57 58 59... 60)
Danzou's summon suffers some pain and disappears.
Sasuke also falls.
Karin (That takes about 60 seconds before each eye closes...and in that moment, Danzou's chakra plummets rapidly. In other words, there's no doubt that his right arm's jutsu needs time to activate! There's 4 left...! So that's about 240 seconds...that justu is limited to 4 more uses...!...But there's also a possibility he has more eyes in his stock...Danzou's attacks are effective...but Sasuke's become ineffective. How does this system work...When Danzou's jutsu is active, and as Sasuke attacks -- even if they attack at the same time, Danzou's will still beat his out.)
Karin: Sasuke! I'm starting to understand how his jutsu works! Are you ready, listen!
While Sasuke is in a worn out state, Karin: That right arm of his has 10 eyes, and when all of them are closed, your jutsu should be effective.
Danzou:'ve figured out Izanagi huh?
Sasuke: So it seems!
Danzou goes torward Sasuke.
Danzou: You tricked me into confirming it...what a clever bitch.
Karin: I...Idiot, you said it yourself!? Anyway, get away now! Draw the battle out!
Madara (There's no meaning in that...Danzou will only release Izanagi if he bides for order to decrease it's activation time, Sasuke must attack constantly and incessantly while he's using Ianagi. He should have already noticed who will be the first to be worn out?)
Is Sasuke at his limit?
Sasuke brings out shuriken from his arm and throws them.
Danzou takes out a kunai and attaches a seam of air to the blade.
Sasuke uses Chidori nagashi?
Sasuke has Mangekyo activated in his right eye.
They strike each other simultaneously.
Danzou and Sasuke have both been pierced.
Is this the real Danzou or an illusion...Next chapter, the conclusion!!

The End.(from naruto spoilers blog)
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